• Depends on whether they are ovo-vegetarians or not.
  • Yeah. It would be vegans who wouldn't eat eggs.
  • Some do take Eggs, for medical purposes.
  • Some do, and some don't.
  • It would be consistent with being a vegetarian if the eggs came from hens that will never be slaughtered but will be allowed to die of old age as pet animals do. However, it would be hypocritical of one to be a vegetarian and eat eggs that, although have been certified free range but the hens will eventually be sent off to be slaughtered. By eating, and thus support these types of commercially farmed eggs, a vegetarian is guilty of committing an indirect contribution to the murders (ie, slaughter) of older hens. Thus, regardless of whether one call oneself as an ovo-vegetarian or simply vegetarian, this very practice logically forfeits the title of one as a vegetarian. The same could also be said about lacto-vegetarians if the cow will eventually be sent off to the slaughterhouse and be deprived of a natural death through old age. I too was guilty of this practice in my early years as a vegetarian when the issue of older hens being slaughtered after their egg-laying output is reduced or cows being executed because their only crime was a drop in milk production, simply did not arise in my consciousness at the time and did not realise I played a contributing part in their eventual murders.
  • Some do, some don't. I don't. For the ones that do, the UK Vegetarian Society promotes the use of only free range eggs.

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