• Maybe a catholic priest?
  • I like to bless my house with sage ... you can get a sage bundle (dried sticks), light the end, and waft the smoke at the four corners of each room, around every door frame and window opening, and at each of the entrances.
  • just chose catholic. im it. its fun. you can have fun.
  • You could burn sage while wandering through the rooms to drive out evil spirits. For the record I don't personally believe in evil spirits but I do believe in sage as it is great with chicken.
  • Do some fun Fung Shea (sp) stuff - like a mirror behind the stove to bless an abundance of food. Some red candles for joy. Buy a pretty plant and help it grow. Buy some round stickers and place them in the garage for blessings on your car. Do the sage - on the day before move in, the day after all your stuff is in and then every 30 days, to give you harmony.
  • I'm not very spirtual but I am a Christan. I wouldn't get my house blessed simply because I don't believe in spiritual affects. Are there really spirits? or ghosts? What about life after death? I feel like if you did, what would change about the house. I wouldn't think anything would change. The feeling inside you would change, I guess it could give you the sense of comfort. The same feeling would come for putting you r mind over matter.
  • Spirituality is different from religion. Blessing is just a good source of comfort and if done right should rid most negative energy from the house. Or demons if u are a religious person.
  • yes have it blessed,, you can ask any preacher they will do for you regradless of your beliefs.
  • Here is a nice new home blessing I got from a wonderful website: God's blessing rest upon this house And all who dwell within; May all who enter, too, be blessed, Traveler, friend, or kin. Enrich this home with happiness, Good fellowship and cheer. The comfort of His presence rest On all who sojourn here. And CONGRATULATIONS!! Now you can pay yourself instead of your landlord.
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