• That is a tough decision. If you were accepted at a very good university, congratulations!
  • If it was me personally i couldn't do it because i couldn't be away from my son that much, but you have to think about yourself and how you feel about it and if you child will be well taken care of. You have to think about it with everything that "you" have to consider yourself. you really can't get someone else's opinion on it cause some people would but others wouldn't. what it really boils down to is can you handle being away from your husband and kids.
  • Yeah, I'd go for it. Being separated that long would be hard, but I think it'd be worth it.
  • Well,if I was ACCEPTED at a prestigious school such as you've mentioned I am afraid I would not break up my family ... as family should be FIRST in your life. I'd either see about getting my family to the same town as the college OR I'd have to settle for a less prestigious school so I could live with my family ...
  • I couldn't do it. I get homesick easily.
  • It is never a good idea to leave your family for even one year. No I wouldn't do it. The time with your child is time you can never replace. It would place a heavy burden on your husband to care for the child by himself and work. Naw, it is not worth it! Find a less prestigious school near you or in your town and go there.
  • just for people information: i did go! i never got homesick but i missed my family (kids more than the husband!???) cried for the first time i came home on the weekend and cuddled them. things are ok for the moment though have lots and lots of homework, which keeps me busy and not having to think of them. this monday i am starting my clinical placement in a community setting which i look forward to. all i know of my mentor is that she is one of the best to learn from (so i'm very lucky!) she likes to get the student involved and to teach :-) thank you all for your honest opinions and it helped me manage and plan some of the aspects which troubeled me.

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