• it all depends on what you like. if you go east coast its going to be cold, which is what your used to pretty much, but there is alot of sight seeing and fun things in NY like broadway and if you do go i highly suggest going to see Wicked. it is the BEST musical i have EVER seen and i even took some friends who HATE musicals and they LOVED it. but if you want to go to the beach and be warm and visit Hollywood and all that good stuff then go to the West coast. i have been to both and love both.
  • Great question! It depends on what you want. Me, I'd prefer the New England adventure. I love the diversity of culture that's found in New England -- from some absolutely beautiful countryside and craggy beaches to incredible cities. May is a great time to go. It's not oppressively hot. If you like big cities...NY-Chicago would be fun. That's my least favorite kind of vacation though. Both cities have great night life and culture...but also lots of crime and violence. The west coast can be fun too -- touring wine country, enjoying San Francisco and checking out some great beaches.
  • Go to England. LOL No just kidding Try Alaska if you hve time.
  • NY to Chicago is not my first choice. My advice: Fly into LA Do the whole LA thing, Venice Beach, drive around Beverly Hills, take kids to Disneyland - the real Disneyland! (Will there be children BTW?) Day trip to Palm Springs maybe. Get to Las Vegas possibly. Get to San Francisco for sure! Drive through redwood forests north of SF. See if you can get reservations for a night or two in Yosemite or take a day tour: I hate to sound like a chauvinist but compared to the Isles the US is HUGE! Drive time from LA to SF on CA-1 will be at least 12 hours. CA-1 is an older scenic route along the coast. Have fun!!
  • I'd go with New England or the West Coast. New England is rich in history. Being May though the nicer weather will be on the West Coast. I'd do that but I reccomend staying away from the tourist traps and going more with national parks and such but that's my liking. You may want to see those things. I just got a link in one of my questions that may help you plan your trip. Good luck and enjoy! :-)
  • Hi, I'm a NewEnglander and if you enjoy gorgeous country all of New England fits that description. Personally I'd fly into Logan (Boston, Mass-we lived there) or a New York airport and rent a car, follow Interstate 95 north - New Hampshire, Vermont (Maine might be a stretch for a 2 week trip), Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Mystic Whaling Village in Connecticut (where my family lives), Newport Rhode Island (we lived there) is gorgeous with countless mansions open to the public and a cliff walk that is awesome.If you enjoy tulips, daffodils, rhodadendren(?sp), lilacs, etc. you will be amazed how everything is in bloom in May. A light sweater and rain jacket along with comfy skirt or trousers, and shoes, makes for fun touring. West coast is beautiful in a different way. And frankly the States are so immense that choosing one area, such as New England, will give you a taste of at least one portion of the country. I'm not a big city kinda gal - a drive or train ride from NYC to Chicago would be the last choice I'd make. Coincidentally my husband and I are making our first trip to England/Scotland for two weeks in May. I would also appreciate any advice you can give me. The first week we'll spend in Hebden Bridge Yorkshire. What to pack? What to do week 2? We're arriving at Heathrow. Do we want to try to make it to Ireland. My husband was stationed in Dunoon and I'd like to make a day trip there - is that enough time? With kindest regards and hopes for a great vacation in the States, Susan I'd also be pleased to receive any further questions from you. I have been to the west coast, Washington DC, Chicago, New York and North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississipi.
  • New York and Chicago are both absolutely amazing cities worthy each of a vacation all by themselves. Chicago is my favorite city nationwide. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot in between worthy of an overseas vacation. Cleveland is kinda nice, and Cedar Point just west of there (if you like amusement parks) is pretty much the best in the world. As you well know, both are very large cities with big city attractions, and will give you two distincts regional flavors of american life. If you are into big city, urban architecture with amazing skyline views, nightlife and the like, go New York -> Chicago. The west coast is wonderful as well, and very pretty. Palm trees are common in the south, barely touched natural coastline in the north. I don't recommend Southern California for anyone looking for experience "typical America", but it is an amazing "must stop" on its own merit, especially if you are into movies and beach culture. Highway 1 that hugs the west coast is one of the most beautiful drives in the country. The pacific northwest is unique in the country, both in culture and geography. It may remind you a bot of home at times however. It offers probably the largest amount of "natural scenery" of any of your trip choices....not that you won't find plenty on the others if you look for it. With the exception of NYC...I havn't spent much time on the east coast, and wouldn't be able to offer a worthy recommendation of it. There are many other great trip ideas in the US, but these three are probably the best options for a first trip. If you opt for one of the trip ideas I have mentioned, let me know here, or at and I'll let you know of some of my favorite attractions. Have fun!!
  • Because of the season, I'd go with West Coast. Chicago and NE and the whole north just aren't warm enough for me until later :) If you're coming back in the fall some year, go to New England and just drive around. Stunning.
  • Cities suck.. they're all the same and ALL have the same old shit. Go see the mountains or Grand Canyon or somewhere cool. You can see a McDonalds anywhere..

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