• Looking at history, yes, yes it is.
  • they can rebel if they chose to but gurantee they get knocked the fuck down to reality and go back home either as poor or even more poor then before.
  • the way thinks are going there be no rich just happy and poor .
  • Yes, I think so
  • It would be nice. I long for that day.
  • If you mean here in the US, I see signs of that. The news this mornig showed some of them. However, here in the US I don't think they could ever have a revolution.
  • More than plausible, it's almost certain. Politics tends to move in cycles and human nature has changed little over history. Almost all previous events in history are likely to repeat themselves at some point in time, it's just a matter of when.
  • If you mean in the US, the answer is: HA HA NO! Not a chance! People here are entirely too brainwashed by too many things to even notice what's being done to them. Add to add a good doze of religion, apathy, ignorance and selfishness and you have the reason why it happens in all the 3rd world countries all over but never here
  • more likely if "w" were king, rather than court jester
  • Yes, and no. Religion is what keeps the poor from killing the Rich.
  • no...the poor of this country ,in majority of cases , are poor because they CHOSE that lifestyle...and prefer to live off the middle class and rich.... i think poor,middle class, and rich should REBEL of the RICH POLITICIANS lining their pockets... iranians are rebelling now..Iran is a country RICH in natural resources and RICH in RICH ...but the majority of the people are poor.....Because these RICH DICTATORS make their people so...and as the former 'empress of iran' stated....."the muslim fanatics do not MIND SHEDDING BLOOD in the name of their religion"... they may do such..would not surprise me of their GREED, SELFISHNESS and LAZINESS....but we all should be rebelling against government and a soon to be dictatorship...instead of the ones who inherit wealth or make their own.....
  • No. I work with low-income, and below povery-line individuals and families from both urban centers and extreme rural isolation. Our 'poor' are actually quite well off compared to the poor in other nations. Most of our 'poor' have television sets, cable, and other amenaties. A high percentage are satisfied and comfortable with the free food, subsidized housing, and welfare check they get every month. In NY state they also get free heath care in the form of medicaid. It does not bother them at all they are contributing to the bankruptcy of our particular state. Of course not every poor person wants to be that way, but if you've worked with the lower class as much as I have, you can't help but see how entitled, all these entitlement consumers feel.
  • For what reason? We are still living in a relatively free society. A seriously talented and creative person can still find a way to make millions of dollars in their lifetime. Seriously, it is easier to go from poor to wealthy today than it has ever been in the history of humanity. Thanks to advertising, even the most useless and unnecessary of inventions can attract millions of dollars. Poor people are choosing to be poor, or they are simply too emotionally unbalanced, uncharismatic, unattractive or unintelligent to make things work for them. It's survival of the fittest. The poor wouldn't be poor for very long if they were genetically fit to rebel.
  • Yes, but never in the US. Americans are entirely too apathetic, selfish, misguided, brainwashed, complacent, stupid and coward to do anything of the sort
  • It happens to all societies eventually if they keep the masses repressed long enough.
  • Very likely. Over the past 40 years the US income gini have been rising steadily, and in the same timeframe the middle class have been shrinking and wealth mobility have lowered significantly. This promotes ossifying socials castes where intelligence and initiative are NOT recruited into the dominant castes.
  • In the US, Britain and most of Europe we live in relative wealth and opulence compared with places like Somalia, Afghanistan, etc.. If millions we left to eat the grass in fields then perhaps, but not with the way we currently live..No way..
  • It's possible that apes will rebel against the rich in the future....
  • The rich have been rebelling against the poor and vice versa for a long time. The problem is that the rich have the power over most all of the resources, so if there was too much of a rebellion, the poor would be forced to give in.
  • Yes, there has never been a gap between rich and poor like there is today.
  • Nearly every time there is a national-level rebellion, it is a rebellion of the poorest against the wealthiest. There are few exceptions. Of course that will happen in the future. After all: it is happening now.
  • Any thing is possible

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