• I go to a greeting card store once a month.
  • The only specialty store I shop at on a regular basis is the pet store that carries the lizard's food.
  • Mostly toy stores
  • I shop at a local trading post run by Native Americans. Arts, Crafts, leather goods and some hand crafted furniture.
  • Now that I live in Brooklyn, it's like everything is a specialty store. I am still learning where I need to go to get various things. From what I can tell, each specialty store really has the BEST of its items LOL! I have a Spanish deli next door that has amazing beans and peppers. There are speciality bakeries, fish markets, butchers, and so forth. It's a lot to learn but a delicious process!
  • It all depends on what I'm looking for, such as I can't get powder, balls, and caps from Walmart, and I don't go to Gun Haven looking for candy bars, a loaf of bread and toilet paper. :-)
  • Adult Toys. Frequent shopper discount.
  • CABELA's and once i go in there in debt for the next couple of months spend lots of money in that sucker. Its outdoors store of the outdoors store in my opinion. Gun stores every now and then. Pet stores only cuz so much freakin family sometimes best present is a pet. Umm couple others like hobby lobby and stuff just not very often.
  • Yes, I like to go to a store that really knows what they are selling. But it's getting harder and harder to find. For instance for crafts, we used to have a great hobby and craft store in CA where we lived. But no such critter here, unless it's for the specific hobby like trains or radio controlled things. It seems here, we have to rely on Micheal's or Betty's Fabrics. There are some quilting stores but their fabric is so expensive unless it's a sale. I do prefer going to a nursery rather than Loews when I'm looking for specific items or plants. Same for building supplies. We prefer going to a great local lumber store. And I love shopping for specialty items online, even though I've got to pay shipping. Some things you just want something particular and you can't find it locally.
  • I love garden shops ... I go there much too often in the spring!!! I also love to shop for clothes. Soon, I'll be spending a lot of time at baby stores for my new grandchild!! That will be the best.
  • I love to shop at indie record stores, a few times per month, if that counts.
  • yes, I often go shopping online watch shops such as, Almost every week i go shopping there!

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