• I don't think there is an alternative for water.
  • not sure thats like asking the alternate for oxygen. water is like a building block of life. some nature guy said you can survive on urine but you need water to produce that anyways. sorry I can't help but I am curious also.
  • Probably urine. By the time that our water resources are depleted they will be able to change our urine for usable drinking water. That is what they are doing on the new space crafts so i dont see why it couldnt be commercialized.
  • Apparently some scientists have already fleshed this out and ammonia and Hydrogen fluoride are 2 of a few plausible alternatives.
  • vodka lol
  • Well, there's not going to be an alternative for water. What there will be is a technological substitute for the environmental processes which make clean drinking water. Of course, if the industrial processes involved in doing so are not environmentally neutral, it will only make the situation worse.
  • Dihydrogen Monoxide?
  • cod liver oil
  • there is no alternative to water.hydrogen2,oxygen is vital for life.because we have not been able to find water in any of planets including moon,one can conclude there is no evidence of life there,
  • BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not that american swill but the good stuff..a great tasting pilsner or a strong bodied ale, maybe a couple of guiness' thrown in for good measure.
  • !!!????
  • There is no substitute - without water, there is no life. Water makes up around 75% of the body's composition for a reason: every function depends on it. Water itself has many functions in the body: it's a lubricant, it has the unique ability to both attract and repel, it is needed for the function of hydrolysis (production of energy), it is the transport vehicle for all of the nutrients as well as removing waste. It regulates every function in the body - when a health issue develops, it's usually because there is not enough water to support that function - such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and asthma to name just a few. Water is a natural blood thinner and a natural antihistamine. There are many more functions of water to consider.
  • If you are looking for an alternative drink from water, milk is an option to have with your dinner

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