• The simple answer is No. Cookies are only files containing simple pieces of data that indicates a preference or whether or not you have visited a site. However, cookies can be used to track what links you click on, what sites you visit, and where you "travel" on the internet. You can prevent this "tracking" from occuring by either blocking all cookies (not recommended because some cookies are used for purchasing and logon information) or blocking only certain cookies. This can be done by setting up your web browser to prompt for every cookie that is placed on your computer. If you travel the internet a lot, this can be a daunting task and seems overwhelming at first as only about 5% of the cookies on the internet are actually useful or good. The other 95% of cookies are used for tracking what you do and where you go on the internet and are not needed to make the internet useful. This is the only "hidden" or malicious aspect to cookies, but there are no viruses or trojan horses as part of any cookie.
  • yes sometimes, but all you need is a good anti virus, internet security software. IObit security is a good, free one. try that

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