• Not really. The peace of mind I have is different from the chaos I had when I was 25. Priorities and opinions change but I still don't have peace of mind.
  • Yes, in certain ways. I am much more comfortable with myself. I also accept the fact that there are some things I can never change and things that will never change. I still have a little anxiety about the future.
  • OMG yes! I'm 42 now, and looking back things are so much better now. I really don't think people start to "come into their own" until around 30 or so...when you've had time to live a little, go out and explore, when you've developed and matured and had real life experience. This is what makes us who we are and hopefully gives a wide perspective of the world, which I think in turn leads to a feeling of confidence and contentment with self.
  • I do not remember!
  • I'm 56 and I can say, yah! At 50 you get a free do-over and you already know what to look out for. So at 25 I'd advise, have fun, take chances and the only thing you can't afford to loose is youself, your family or your friends!
  • Yes, Don't care if my clothes are instyles or not
  • Sure do!
  • Yes. I don't seem to sweat the small stuff. I take one day at a time. I really enjoy life. When I was 25 it was rough.
  • No,but I don't really think it comes with age.More so has to do with current circumstances.Now that I have kids my mind is never totally peaceful unless I'm meditating or going for a walk as I'm always concerned with their well being,whereabouts,when I'll next be picking them up or dropping them off & on & on.I have moments of peacefulness but never a constant.As they say happiness is not at the end of the road it's all along the way.I think that goes for peace of mind as well.
  • At 25 I was between a divorce and a 22 yr relationship. I thought life was over because my sleazy, cheating, stripper, ex wife had left me and my kids. Then I meet up with a new woman and that lasted 22 years. 22 years later she left and I almost noticed it was over. Does that give you any clues?
  • yes i do, at least now i can say, "Been there, done that!!"
  • Yes,I have more now and I am in my 50's. My life is settled and calm and everyone gets along now so there is more peace and less stress. When I was 25, I was out of work and sick with an inner ear disorder and I had to move back home with my parents while I could not work. It was not a happy time, my 20's. It's odd about life, when you look your best, you have no clue who you are....something to reflect on, huh...
  • It's just a consolation to self after young days are gone.Peace is something found within and it's age independent.
  • Yes Yes Yes!!!
  • No. At 25 I lived with my parents (disabled mom so I helped care for her), had a good job, a healthy body, and trust in the world as a whole. Now both parents are dead, I'm unemployed, my body is falling apart, and I know the world as a whole couldn't care less about me. If I had had Aris in my life at 25, it would have been almost perfect.
  • I a 60 andaside from the problem with AB I have much more peace of mind!
  • OH! Yes! At 25 I was still looking for "ME" Now I know I'm nobody!!! LOL Ha HA!!
  • I don't ... When I was 25 years old ; I had a fantastic job , lots of money , and practically ruled the world (so to speak) .... With the economy of our nation plunging over the last few years ; I've lost over $50,000 in home equity , my home is worth less than my mortgage, and there are times that I wonder where my next meal will come from ..

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