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  • My wife does and I like to watch her get them off. Sometimes if they are OK with it I fuck her while they watch. If she knows them and doesn't turn on her cam I will fuck her while they jerk it. Some times I am just out of the camera shot yank-in it and then I will either squirt it on her(Yes I can squirt that hard) or she will pause it for the squirt or to blow it for a second till I cum. We have only been caught a couple of times. Most of the time the they don't notice the cum flying into the shot. I also have an abnormal amount of precum and an unusual amount of cum(average of 3 tsp.). When there is that much flying or landing on someone its pretty easy to see on a cam.
  • I do not. Though once did for a private video but with the pressure of being watched and being filmed just took me forever.

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