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  • Yes, thus the origin of the term: "Love/Lust is blind". And the demand for a long courtship.
  • I think they can be - I don't think it is all physical though; often when someone enters a "doomed" relationship everyone but them can see the problems from the outset but they see in their partner somethng that the rest of us are missing - they are willing to forgive the small flaws that we see as red flags and it takes them much longer to realise their mistake. All we can do is watch, wait and help when it's finally over.
  • Well, if you're in it just for the bang, then you'll be ok.
  • Yup...people are so into the lust that they forget to ask the important questions. I bought a book when I got engaged that was had 1001 questions to ask my mate. It asked personal things, financial, sexual and everything else. I learned soooo much and knew this was the guy to marry!!
  • I think sometimes it's that and sometimes it's desperation to be in a relationship and not be alone that blinds people to things that others could see like a neon sign.
  • What a perfectly timed question for me, since I'm starting a relationship. lol. In my mind, I'm picking out china patterns.
  • I can't say for sure but you guys are hot! Wanna do a threesome?
  • I have watched this alot and I think people are scared as hell to be alone! That, combined with the almost DNA encoded tendencies we have to remain with what we grew up with, can send us straight into the arms of the cavalier, the abusers and the restless. Hence, the chain continues :(
  • You gotta live to learn. Can't detect everything all the time, and as physical looks go, well we live in an extremely picky and demanding image based society, so misinterpretations are bound to happen. Things are seldom as we expect they will be, so it's hard to say. :/ A lot of people can see passed beyond the price tag though, so to speak.
  • yes there is hollywoods look on love and Jesus' look on love hollywood only thinks about looks as the most imprtant then emotional then social then spiritual Jesus says it exactly opposite that spiritual starts it out
  • I have, its not that they are such a bad person. Its more that they are just REALLY not the person for me. We still live together because I think its important that my child has those "special" childhood memories. Before you go all, "its still affecting the child." We are friends, just not soulmates.
  • With most people it is. Lust is a very strong feeling.
  • I wouldn't enter a doomed relationship if the main attraction were physical. However, sometimes If I really like a person for their personality, even if their not extremely attractive, I downplay some obvious reasons not to get together.
  • I believe that, in some cultures more than others, that this is true. When someone tries to "look good", its normally meant for the appeal of the opposite sex, thus making many relationships based on physical attributes, even though nothing is known about the other involved.

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