• At first he looks at them and says "Schwarze" which is German for "black" or "blacks" but probably is the same in a few other languages. I think he's saying a bit of German at the end. My German is a little rough, but if memory serves, he said something like: "Hast die den gesehen in deiner Leben?" Which translates roughly to: "have you ever seen people like that in your life?" At the end, he's speaking plain old English "They darker than us! Whew!"
  • 1) "Brooks appears in multiple supporting roles, including Governor Le Petomane and a Yiddish-speaking Indian Chief." "The bead work on Brooks' Indian headdress in the movie poster says "Kosher for Passover" in Hebrew (kosher l'pesach) (although jokingly misspelled; it actually reads "Posher for Kassover" (posher l'kesach). When Brooks is speaking 'Indian', he's actually speaking Yiddish." Source and further information: 2) "The Indian Chief played by Mel Brooks speaks Yiddish. He says: "Blacks!" "Let them go!" "Have you ever seen in your life?"" Source and further information: 3) "Shvartses! (Blacks!) (To Indian raising tomahawk): No, no, zayt nisht meshuge! (Don't be crazy!) (Raising arms to the heavens in stereotypical Indian pose): Loz im geyn! (Let him go!) Cop a walk, it's alright. Abi gezint! (As long as you're healthy!) Take off! (To other Indians): Hosti gezen in dayne lebn? (Have you ever seen such a thing?) They darker than us! Woof!" Source and further information: "Mel Brooks Indian Chief" German translation: "Schwarze! Nein, nein, seid nicht meschugge! (ein bisschen verrückt) Lass ihm gehen! Aber gesund! Hast du [sowas] gesehen in deinem Leben?"

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