• Why not do a video on the Answerbag community? You will be able to find some great moments, funny jokes, intense discussions, crazy questions and plenty of drama floating around 'The Bag'. :)
  • why dont you come up with your own? if you cant come up with one on your own you shouldnt even be making one.
  • What about auditions for a spin- off of a popular reality series- such as "Dancing with Evil Henchmen" or "Scandinavian Idol" etc. or you could secretly follow "a day in the life of so and so"
  • Make a talent show with yourself by cut scenes and make one thats really horrible its funny or showoff, then get a video of you running really hard in slowmotion with dramatic music but shows up in the race with boots
  • Well, you could make a montage of people doing incredibly stupid things.All the videos I've seen like that on youtube have gotten good feedback.
  • make a sub4sub video, that way u get subscribers and friends
  • Theres this great new site I tried called It gives you questions that you answer in a video response and you just mention the site's name in your video and theyll probably put it up. It really help boost your views!!! I know from personal experience!
  • Ya! I sent this website a vid and it boosted my views. Just make a video answering a question on their site and mention the site's name. It a pretty sweet new site!!

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