• if your could put out 10x the energy or a normal human being, and ran. then yes. And I'm not just making up the 10x energy part.
  • So long as you have footwear that uses Archimedes' principle and good balance, yes.
  • Only if you're less dense than water. 1 gram per cubic centimeter (1g/cm3) or 1 gram per mililiter (1g/mL)
  • Years ago a kid on ZOOM made shoes from styrofoam blocks and window blinds. He did it.
  • Probably over dead sea.
  • Not for humans - we are not fast enough. But many insects manage it. And there is a family of lizards, the Basilisks, which can do it, and are therefore known as the "Jesus Lizards".
  • Lizards can, but probably not possible for humans. The weight would have to be small enough and the speed would have to be fast enough for the animal to be supported by the surface water tension
  • In theory yes but in practice not. All matter is made up of molecules and atoms. Now normally you would fall in the water as the molecular structure of your body is not supported by the molecular structure of the water. Also a person is generally far more dense. But if by mind over matter you can either reduce your density or change the molecular structure of your feet then its possible - but unlikely.
  • You could appear to if you have Mr.Spock's rocket boots on.
  • Physically or metaphorically? Here is an unusual webpage with a twist on the idea -
  • Yes - if its ice no liquid style i can run on water - even though i only get as far as a metre and then i fall in but i least i can! On brainiac - mr tickles could walk on custerd!
  • you can walk on custard it was on a program here in the u.k called brainiac he walked over a swimming pool filled with custard but as soon as he stoped he started to sink
  • Yes it is. You don't have to be fast to do it either. Just remember the principle that in order to float, an object's weight must be lighter than the weight of the equivilent volume of water. Humans sink easily because the human body is about 85% water. To get around this we need to put on something that will increase our volume but still keep us lighter than the equivilent amount of water. If you want to walk on water, it's only logical that you put it on your feet This has already been done when a guy put on styrofoam shoes that increased his volume but made him lighter than water equivelent of it. Problem was each of the shoes had to be at least 50x larger than each foot to make up for the volume part of the equation. He was able to stand in the water but can you really imagine walking in shoes like that?
  • I saw little chines peaple do it! but they were running and there was a loose tarp on the water. I would say no not walking not ontop of straight water.
  • i mopped the floor and walked on it. hence i walked on water.
  • Only if you a Jesus....
  • yes it is possible, jesus told john to do it during a storm untill he lost his focus and sunk. But he did do it so it is possible.
  • I know the mythbusters did it, but they had to add stuff to the water to make it a little less 'liquidy' to do it.
  • if the "water" is mixed with something else, then it is very easily possible.. there would be a little sinkage, but sure... All you have to do is find a place where the water is dence enough to support you, and you can walk.. that could be one reason Jesus was able to WALK on the water... he was smart and found a place that was really dence (like the dead sea), and found out he could walk on it... so he went around to gather people.. and "proove" he was the son of god, by walking on the water.
  • Yes! Jesus did it. To do it yourself would take great faith. My advice to anyone interested in walking on water is: First repent, pray to God our Father without ceasing, ask God day and night for the power, spend day and night in Gods book, turn the radio and TV off and spend time with God, tithe, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, forgive others, love one another, love God, do not hate or blame God for evil, trust in God, faith comes by hearing Gods word, more word more faith more faith more power more power more closer to walking on water, I say lets race and see who walks on water first I like competition.

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