• Ignorance is bliss. Ignore the idiot
  • well yell louder then they are and start critcising them then do the same thing back and dont let them get a word in and they will leave b/c they dont want to deal with you and then its a win loose situation you win they loose
  • First I try to understand why they are saying what they say. Then I try to relate what I believe in their terms. If they want nothing to do with another point of view I start having fun showing them their lack of logic.
  • I realize it's a lost cause and just end it and walk away.
  • I just don't react to them. When a person is not willing to listen to any explanation that might clear their misconception about me there is very little I can do about it. My reputation does not depend on the criticism of anyone. My reputation has been earned by honest work over the years and criticism by any one person is not going to shatter it. So I let others defend me if they feel like it and go about my business as usual.
  • Difficult. However, there is a saying "he doth protest too much" sometimes saying nothing speaks volumes. If this person treats you like this it is highly likely that others are treated in the same way by them. Therefore, other people will take what this person says with a pinch of salt. Good luck.
  • Man those people piss me off, but everyone is right just ignore and forget them. I perfected this practice while being in a shitty marriage and also on AB (Jesus freaks and blindingly ignorant people like Beautyizskindeep).
  • When someone doesn't listen, what's the point in talking?! ;-)
  • I think they reveal a lot about themselves when they do something like that. In delivering an unjust criticism they only show their own insecurities, so it doesn't bother me
  • Honestly, I wish I could say that I just walk away like a calm rational human being. But I'm gonna be real with you, I freak out. I cant stand it when people dont give me the opportunity to speak for myself or share my opinion. If i cant justify myself, its a real problem for me. I know I need to work on it though...
  • If they really don't want to hear any of your arguments, the best is to stop arguing with them. You could also make a final statement before you leave. Like: "I think this discussion is not bringing us further, so I won't go on with it".
  • Walk away. Their opinions can have no meaning to you if you know they are wrong. +2
  • i'd like to say i just walk away.. but usually i do exactl what theyre doing, and i stop listening to them and start to progressivly state my points on why they are unjust louder and louder and louder.. then i usually get frusturated because they aren't listening to me. and i tell them to fuck off, and not to bother trying to talk to me again.. then i don't talk to them for weeks.

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