• It appears she has control of you while she is at home, so how do you plan on escaping/leaving, if you're chained to the bed when she's not there and therefore not in control? Drag the bed with you? :P
  • If you have to ask a question like this, you are either mentally ill, or your wife is, and you need to definately leave her.
  • How can you when you're chained to the bed?
  • How could you!?!?
  • yeah dude, you even get a free bed out of it!
  • i don't believe you i have looked at your previous questions after checking your profile and there are alot of questions that suggest you are into this sort of a 'lifestyle', one quesion said i am drunk tonight, how can you type when she goes out? Have fun with your 'lifestyle'. click on the users name and press q & a then questions and read for yourself
  • You can't, unless you take the bed with you.
  • Nah man, that is totally OK.............
  • LOL. If your into that kinda stuff then no, but if you dont like it then leave or runaway. If you can.......
  • I guess you can't minfd that much, or how could she put chain on your ankle without your concent? Hope its long enough to reach the bathroom. Or does she have it on your ankle all the time - in which case how do you get your pyjama bottom half on and off, or do you wear a nightie?
  • As long as the chain is long enough to let you use the bathroom, grab a snack, walk the dog, watch some TV, surf the net, pick up the laundry from the dry cleaner, grab milk from the convenience store, hang out with your friends at the dairy queen, go see the latest movie in the local theater, and occasionally take a vacation to Vegas to gamble away her money, I'd stay if I were you.
  • I guess you accept that she puts the chain around your ankle. I guess she has discovered that she found this to be the best way to keep you out of trouble. This way she can rest assured that you stay away from too much alcohol, other sexual partners, or even go out by yourself. Hopefully you will learn to play by her rules, and not try to fool around. It also shows that she cares for you. Keeping you locked up is possibly to your own best. How much chain length does she give you? Are you able to reach the fridge, the bathroom or the computer? How long do you have to stay this way?
  • Hehehe, & just how are you gonna manage that?
  • I'd say talk to her 1st. She obviously has some extreme control issues. She's possibly suffering herself & is using you as a security blanket. Seems as if she doesn't want to be alone & will go to obsurd lengths to insure her own security. hmm... Osara
  • i dont understand, why would she do such a thing? i believe one cannot clap with one hand. and definitely there should be a reason for this behaviour too. think over
  • But then youn would have to wait for her to go out.....there is a flaw in this plan!
  • If she is taking the credit cards with her, then I would say yes - when she returns and releases you - of course! LOL
  • How the hell are you going to leave her, take the bed with you?????
  • Depends on whether you like it or not.
  • I had the same problem! I was handcuffed to the bed every morning for a week until I made a duplicate key and hid it near the bed, so I could release myself. Ahh, good times. +5
  • This question is weird and it creeps me out! Why would your wife chain you to the bed when she leaves? God people are freaking weird!!!!
  • A better idea is to chain you to some object like a radiator in the hallway so you can still reach the bed, that way you have more run of ther house. Be worried if she loses the key whilst out.
  • I don't think you're serious, but if you LET your wife chain you, you wouldn't have the guts to leave her.
  • I think she is saving you from yourself.
  • Only if she won't upgrade the cuffs to the furry kind.
  • Who get custody of the ankle?

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