• A virus is a virus, can't do anything but rest and keep hydrated. Bacterial infection however you could treat with anit-biotic...
  • Diarrhoea and vommiting? Clear fluids such as water,broth,or herbal tea. Once symptoms have eased,give them easily digestable foods such as rice,dry cereal,dry toast,mashed potatoes or well cooked veggies. Herbal Remedys=Teas made from the following; CHAMOMILE DILL ELDERFLOWER FENNEL SPEARMINT Homeopathy treatment needs to be supervised by an expert,but consists of the following: *Arsenicum album *Nux vomica *Ipecacuanha *Sepia
  • A virus will need to run it's course, but in the meantime, the most important thing to remember is to prevent dehydration. Children have smaller fluid reserves so you need to rehydrate. An electrolyte replacement solution is in order first and foremost. If tolerated without vomiting, try small bland meals that follow the CRAM diet. See the Sesame Street link below for more info:
  • lol maybe water if your not that sick, i prefer jello also :)
  • try the BRATT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea, and Toast. Well, try that at least AFTER you've stopped vomiting. When you're vomiting, drink electrolyte replacing fluids such as gatorade or powerade. Stay away from drinks high in sugar such as ginger ale. Edit: You can also try flat coke. (some people think it helps with nausea. I don't, but I had roommates in college who swore by it.) Good luck and feel better!
  • Try drinking plenty of fluids, especially juices. Eat light soups like Chicken with rice or Tomato. It's important to stay hydrated when you are suffering from a stomach virus since the associated diarrhea and vomiting can dehydrate you.
  • my mom always told me gatorade to drink and instead of eating she said to drink chicken or beef broth. its kinda like a soup i guess but it has no solids so its easy on your stomache
  • plain yogurt.
  • Stay away from anything with milk
  • VERY little. What did your doctor advise you to eat? If you can hold food down, and have diarrhea, you can eat soft things like jello and Saltines and things of that nature. Very bland. No milk or dairy things, nothing with alot or much protein like meat, since they are much too hard to digest. Ginger-ale or 7 Up or room temp Pepsi is OK to drink, but let most of the fizz go out of it and do not drink it cold. Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated especially if you have a fever or diarrhea. Just try small amounts every 1-2 hours and see how it settles. If you cannot keep anything down or IN you, you should let your doctor know and he can give you something so you can keep some light things down or in you. Stomach viruses take their time sometimes in leaving, but the more you allow to go "out" of you, usually the sooner it will be gone. Just stay well hydrated with water at least and try the bland foods as I suggested above. Obviously if it does not get better or gets worse or you spike a fever, call your doctor and inform him or her of that.
  • Plenty of fluids and natural yoghurt. If you feel hungry, you could try some soup or toast.
  • Have a sick friend sneeze or cough on any food or beverage. Enjoy. Just kidding. Gatorade mixed with sprite worked great for me recently, but only at your thirstiest. Food? Maybe later soup or those Dole fruit cups.
  • is it not normal or what for me to be going on the 2nd week now with the stomach virus now??
  • Missy, that is definitely NOT normal. Please see your doctor immediately.
  • Gatorade for hydration and my doctor told me when my daughter had the stomach flu and diarrhea. She told me about the BRAT diet and it works for the diarrhea. It stands for Bananas. rice, apples, toast and tea. It work but I didn't give my daughter tea. I gave her Gatorade instead.
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