• It's been kind of weird. It's been overcast lately. Which is weird for us.
  • Sure is....A couple of days ago it was in the high 70' open. Today windows are closed, heater is on and it is 19 degrees.
  • 2 days itwas plus 50 and today it is -20 Montreal Canada!
  • Yep. We had 2 very warm days and then a storm, now it's winter all over again. I'm in Missouri.
  • Sounds perfectly normal.....are you sure you are not in Arkansas? That is the way our weather always is. Two days ago it was 80 and sunny and now it is in the 30's and raining. You gotta love it. That is why I can't get well along with alot of other people.
  • No just a little breezy.
  • Have you ever heard of H.A.A.R.P. (High-frequincy Active Aural Research Program)? If you wonder about all the strange weather we have look to them. With this equipment they can control all the weather including earthquakes, volcanos, su-namies, tornadoes, hurricanes and much more. If you doubt look it up on the web or go purchace the book "Angels Do Not Play This HAARP"
  • Yep- Gotta love New England weather... They say "If you don't like the weather... Just wait a minute." I just want the snow to be done. Enough already!!
  • Same type of weather here, it's been 70-80 degrees last few days & then today it was snowing & sleeting.
  • That's the great thing about Kentucky weather. If you don't like the weather just wait five minutes and it will do a complete 180. 75 degrees here Monday and Tuesday and snowing outside right now.
  • It's not weird weather right now, but Colorado is notorious for crazy weather. In fact, its not uncommon for it to start out 80 degrees and then snow in the evening. Fall and Spring in CO are very strange....
  • very weird where i am! last week and the week before it was boiling hot! 47 deg Celsius... and been in a drought for a few years! now it is raining and freezzzzing. and predicted to be in the 40's again by the end of the week! Australia is just weird all together but i guess ;p
  • yes there was 2 days of almost 70s then we got cold and snow and then 4 days of almost wintery weather now it is finally warming up, but that is definitely St Louis weather for ya
  • hey thats great ! I had to be up early at my last job every other sunday to open up the place by 6am so I can relate to that! hope you are having a nice evening!!! and thanks for the chat again
  • Yesterday it was almost 80 and today temps. are starting to slip back down to 50 and maybe 30 overnight. That's what happens here in IL right before spring. We might get some snow before the end of the month or even in April ... happens every year.
  • Yes a few days ago it was in the upper 20's and now it is near 0.
  • We had snow here in Montana this past Monday. June 8,2009. Go figure and yes the early spring months were CRAZY around here to say the least. +5
  • It sure is weird here. The temperature seems to be staying in the 50s lately. I call it November in June.:(
  • No, getting snow in Los Angeles is rare. We have had some snow flakes fall across the LA county recently, but the winter storm moved to Oregon.

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