• My least favorite thing was the school itself. I had synaesthesia and I see numbers as colours. The teachers all said I was a problem child. My I q when tested was 225 but they still kept saying I would never pass an exam! Our maths teacher knew less about the subject than I did! I later went on to get a Phd in applied maths, I write most computer languages. Those wankers clled teachers had little idea how to teach.
  • I would say that homework was my least favorite In school and as I would prefer to be with my friends at those times of doing homework.
  • I despised sport
  • The waking up early sucked the most by far.
  • Pulling all nighters and then going to school or work the next day because of some arbitrary deadline.
  • Waking up early was most definitely my least favorite part of school. Had to wake up by 4:30 am :(
  • Just knowing all the time what a waste of time it all was and how little of the knowledge I'd actually use as an adult.
  • I accepted the homework and studying and I have always been a reader. I guess for me , as a guy, it was occasionally having to drag some mouthy asshole punk out of a friend's or my own face and splatter his nose all over his face in the boy's room. I did not have to do it often..word got around. I went to a school where athletes were put on pedestals. Some took it to mean they were supposed to get away with anything. They were wrong. (wink).

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