• If that is the case it is ridiculous. Their website says they are for non-violent change, I would think that is the antithesis of a terrorist organisation. The US is getting very paranoid if they are worrying about a peaceful group like this.
  • Its scary what they can define as 'terrorist' now, I think
  • I am not sure what this group is, but you should not let a name fool you. It's what the organisation *does* that matters.
  • It's another prime example of just how utterly retarded/nasty the leadership in the U.S really is! Bush is looking more and more like a mob don surrounded by his goon squad every day that passes!!
  • Food Not Bombs may be perceived as a threat to the government in America, due to the fact that their basic tenets conflict with the imperialist, greedy ambitions the U.S. continues to pursue.. but to label them as only a 'threat', and not a 'terrorist organization' would be more honest. 'Terrorist' has become a buzz word used to ostracize anyone that the government wants, and it's reprehensible. I organize a chapter of Food Not Bombs, and if attempting to create sense of community in my city (where it is honestly lacking) while sharing healthy food with those who need it is considered a threat, then everyone needs to take a serious look at who is pointing the fingers, labeling people as 'terrorists', and why they would be doing such a thing. To take a government that supports the violent subjugation of weaker peoples around the world (while also robbing us here at home of the basic freedoms we're entitled to according to The Constitution) seriously when they start ostracizing those who organized for the sole purpose of sharing food with the less fortunate is foolish, short-sighted, gullible... whatever you want to call it, it's not thinking critically. Do your own research into the purpose of Food Not Bombs, and see if you can uncover anything other than its members being arrested for feeding "more people than a city ordinance allows", or some other ridiculous charge. The powers that be prove themselves more by the day to be a paranoid joke, feverishly laying blame and trying desperately demonize anyone that could be even weakly considered a threat... all so that they can maintain control in the face of a population that is slowly waking up to see the true nature of its ruling class.

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