• I dont know that there is one but it should be sixteen--old enough to have a DL
  • It matters where you are. The average age you can stay home alone is 12. Here's an article I found on it. There's no minimum age for babysitting. Working on the assumption you live in England or Wales, there's no straightforward answer to your question. There's no legal minimum age that a child can be left alone at home, although endangering a child by leaving them unattended is an offence. NSPCC guidelines recommend most children under 13 should not be left unsupervised for long. For more information, check out the NSPCC site ( Your child should be more than competent at everything that you would expect from a babysitter before they're mature enough to be home alone. Could your child call 911 and give clear directions to the emergency services? Do they know what to do if there's an accident? Are they aware of where the fusebox is? And where to turn off the water and gas if necessary? Could they cope with being responsible for younger brothers or sisters? At the end of the day, you'll need to use your own judgement. Some 13 yr-olds are very mature and capable, and some 18 yr-olds inspire no confidence whatsoever! SOURCE:
  • In Britain 14 but i am sure every State has a different age in the USA
  • I'm not certain there is a legal age. But I definatly wouldn't leave a kid with anyone under 14. And that is a very mature 14 y/o. I'd prefer older like 16.
  • No younger than 15
  • The legal age is 11, to watch siblings. It is 13 for other children only as late as 12am. You must be 16 to watch children overnight or past midnight.
  • Here the legal age is 14
  • the law in scotland is definatly 14 as my father works in the scotish parliment in edinburgh!!!
  • In Missouri you can be 11 to babysit.
  • their is NO leagal age
  • It is hard to say, but I know that in the state of Oklahoma, it depends upon how old the child is that is being watched, and for how long you plan to be gone. i.e. a 14 year old can watch a child for no more than a few hours, but a 16 year old overnight. However, a lot depends upon the maturity of the babysitter; some 14 year olds are more mature that some 16 year olds, and are not dating.

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