• No, because the VP is appointed, not "hired." +3
  • I think it has to be approved by congress, but I'm not 100% sure.
  • well the vice president cld b impeached but its not fully up to the president and plus the president picks the vice president b4 he is elected
  • No, but he could file to have himremoved with impeachment.
  • The Vice President's is a Constitutional Office. Constitutional procedures must be gone through. The President just cannot fire the Vice President.
  • Man, I wish he could.I am not a fan of Biden.....bad choice in my eyes.
  • Actually the VP is not technically appointed, hired, or even chosen. The Vice Presidency is still considered an elected office even though he comes in with the President. It is up to the nominating process of the respective parties to make the initial pick and up to the Electoral College to actually elect the Vice President. The Constitution still considers the Vice President a seperate elected office from the President. In that the VP is considered an elected official, only impeachment may bring him down. It is possible for the Electoral College to decide to not elect the Vice President. In that situation, the Senate appoints someone.

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