• Yes I think she was because everything seemed to fit in the movie, I actually liked the movie a lot and she seemed right for the role. I didn't read the book so I can't really compare it to anything, but I think she was good for the part.
  • Yes. She's a miserable actress, and anyone who likes Twilight is miserable. Not necessarily depressed but not fun for anyone else. Which is why you wear black and have no friends. So don't bother with that question in 5 minutes.
  • I don't think Kristen Stewart is the right actress for any role .. she's so monotone, unemotional and just generally not a very good actress .. the hospital scene in Twilight is complete joke because of her :)
  • Seriously? Why does it matter? Are we still talking about this stupid cult fascination? Ok. You read the book (maybe), you anticipated the release of the film, you saw the film, you gushed about it for weeks and dreamt and fantasized you were a vampire too, now read the second book of your life and start the process over.
  • she has good chemistry with the lovely robert pattinson, but thats about it. she isnt a good actress at all. i did see the movie before i read the books, and bella seems so different in the book than in the more emotional and not so monotone. i agree with little miss s
  • No she's not. I read all of the books before seeing the movie and she just doesn't act the way the Bella in the book does. For one thing the Bella in the book shows every little emotion she is feeling and Kristen Stewart shows hardly any emotion at all. I don't want to be mean about it but it's like she's not even trying. Although the movie as a whole really isn't as good as the book.
  • I cannot stand her. She doesn't seem breakable, she can't stand up for herself, she studders and mumbles. She doesn't seem to have any confidence at all and when I look at her I can see how confused she looks. It's annoying.
  • No I don't. Not at all. Her mannerisms (eye blinking, constant head shaking and her tendency to be incoherent)does not fit Bella at all. My daughter has the books and I read them...not bad as teen books go. Most of the characters were well cast though the movie was no where near as good as the book. Pattinson tends to overplay at times and needs to show some of the maturity that Edward has, but I don't think they could have found a better person to play Edward. I am hoping he gets a better handle on the character as the story progresses.
  • I think she did a great job as Bella. She was awesome at pulling of the clumsy, awkward side of Bella and wasn't overly beautiful. +5

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