• I would rather fly by myself.
  • When we'd been together under a year, probably drive. You know, all that quality time stuff. Now, I'd much rather fly. Though, substituting incidental romance with convenience and efficiency may not be everyones cup of tea.
  • Is the 450 miles each way or round trip. Would you have to rent a car at the airport? What kind of country would you be driving through. Is your vehicle in pretty good shape?
  • 7 hours in the car with my wife? Hell yeah! I love talking to her and long drives are relaxing and enjoyable.
  • I drove for 13 hours with my husband and son and found it to be interesting. We did the same trip via plane and were much happier. The conversations were the same but we found it easier to stretch our legs. The drive cost $200 and the flight was $3000. I would suck up the cost and fly again anytime.
  • I would rather drive, i love talking with my girlfriend :D. That is, of course, the car is a piece of crap or doesn't work right, like Possum said.
  • I love drives, it give you close intimate time together :)
  • I love driving I would definitely drive for that trip!
  • I would rather drive and I love driving anyway. It is relaxing to the body ,but Ikeep the brain alert.
  • Drive, especially in the US as I cannot fly here at the moment and the time difference really doesn't justify the extra expense.
  • id drive anytime that far, even farther. i love road trips!
  • I would rather drive. 7 hours isn't too long and just think of all the beautiful sights you could see. You could also spend the time talking to each other and may discover things that you never knew. You could take turns driving as well, it could be fun! Not to mention the money you'd save (an added bonus)
  • drive the car and save 200 bucks for later, i also love driving ...
  • my husband and i will drive 6-7 hours everyother month or so. we love the trip we make it fun.

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