• It is banned in bars where I live. The reason is more for the people who work in the bars. They have to breathe it in all day.
  • It should be up the the bar owner. If I want to cater to smokers, it's my business, I should be allowed to. If someone comes in and bitches about the smoking and how harmful it is, they can leave and go somewhere else.
  • Australia is already a smoke-free country and, after some getting used to, the benefits are outstanding. It is illegal to smoke within 10 meters of any public place, building, establishment, school - including bars. Many nightclubs and bars are provided with a license that allows them to have a designated smoking area, but it is always outside. When it rains, smokers get rained on. When it's cold, they freeze. As an ex-smoker, I can see where the smokers are coming from in that the conditions are less than ideal. But people choose to smoke - non-smokers should be given the choice as to whether or not they inhale that second hand smoke. Countless bar and bistro staff have died from second-hand smoke inhalation over the years and that is terrible. I'm all for banning smoking completely.
  • A bar is a public space... It's been banned from NJ/NY for over 2 years now. I am a smoker and I prefer it. I go outside have a cig and come back.
  • I drink and I don't smoke. Bartenders, waitresses and non smoking customers shouldn't have to breathe other's smoke.
  • Yes I agree with banning smoking in a public bar. However you cannot agree with banning smoking in public places AND disagree that bars should be alowed to be 'smoking' as this is contadictory. My country has a smoking ban too and im glad we do. I think if the person wants to smoke then they should think of other people and be the ones to leave. After all it's the smoker that's making the 'choice' here... to smoke. The non-smoker bystanders dont have a choice but to inhail the smokers smoke. They can choose to leave or not to go somewhere where there is smoking but that that is almost banning non-smokers from bars and I dont think that's right. If it's a private bar then fine, they can smoke.
  • i live in a smoke free state. People grumble at first, but get used to it quickly. i do think it is ridiculous that an actual cigar bar cannot have smoking, but otherwise it is a change for the better. I have many friends who sing and love that they no longer have to subject their voice to smoke filled rooms.
  • NO, in NY they won't even permit you to smoke in a store that sells tobacco! They want that tax money from the sales of alcohol and tobacco but they refuse to allow them to actually use either one of them!
  • Where I live there are some closed rooms in bars designated for smokers.It has it's own ventilation system.Now they are quickly getting phased out.Here one can smoke in no public buildings,and can not smoke within 20 feet of the entrance to a building,and this is outside the building .If people want to smoke they can do so in their cars,homes,and on the street. I will always remember the movie "Forrest Gump" when people in those days,like the school bus driver,and the doctor would smoke in front of children.I am glad those days are long gone.
  • I think it's silly to ban it. There is clearly a demand for smoking and non-smoking establishments. Providing an incentive to go smoke free is more reasonable than banning it outright. Perhaps instituting a $1 wage increase on the staff of smoking establishments would normalize the ratio of smoking to non-smoking businesses. Another option would be to issue only a set amount of smoking licenses in a town or city. In both these cases, we could expect a healthy ratio of smoking to non-smoking businesses to appear, in accordance with the actual demand from the public. At any rate, the free market is able to handle these things, but in the case of smoking where there is a certain public health responsibility, a tweaking of the rules can be justified.
  • It's been like that in NY here for a few years. People have adapted fine, and bar business is as booming as ever. Plus, you can go to a bar without coming home smelling like an ashtray. Even in the shittiest weather, I see hoardes of people lined up on sidewalks outside bars, smoking their $8.75-a-pack cigs. Sinners die hard.;)
  • I live along the beautiful Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois. Both states have gone smoke free last year. In IL, there is no smoking anywhere but Iowa still allows in casinos only. I totally disagree with the smoking ban for bars. I think it violates the business owners right to run his own business. If the bar owner wants to allow smoking (or not) that choice should be up to them NOT the gov. Those who do not like smoke can find another place.
  • Where I life they banned them in all public Buildings including bars.
  • Quebec has done that already and I like it. We have also started up a few "smoker's lounges" which are primarily places that sell cigars, imported cigarettes, & pipe tobacco for on site smoking, and also have a license for alcohol, but are not a bar or restaurant, and no food is served ...
  • All these states banning it, Whats the fine to light up? What about Public parks? Outside sporting events, I think will have hard time enforcing it. If you want smoking to go away. Remove it from the gas stations, supermarket, liquor stores. If you can't get it locally, you probably won't travel far. The internet might be the only available option.
  • Banned in Boston bars. There's a very active watering hole right across the street, and on weekends a whole bunch of well lubricated loonies spill onto the sidewalk to smoke, hoot, holler and walk out in front of cars. It's quite a show.
  • The biggest misconception people make is that a bar is a public space. The reality is that they are owned businesses, therefore private. The reason that smoking gets banned in these places is for the benefit of employees to have a smoke free work environment. I have no choice but to agree with this concept as it has become law in California. However there are still some places that allow it because they are owner operated, meaning they have no employees other than themselves or other family members. I have always been of the mindset that people do not really have good intentions for their bodies when they go into bars so smoking should be allowed. But having a smoke free work place can be beneficial. It's been quite few years now and people are used to taking it outside and just about every place has a smoking area. The funny thing is that the in the Indian run casinos they can still smoke, and believe me it gets pretty nasty in there sometimes. And that's from a part time smoker.
  • Used to smoke, Used to Drink. After realizing they both put you into suffering and death...i Quit. When i gave up smoking, i would always smoke again when drinking... they just go together. Smoking and bars go together as well... Maybe they should increase their ventilation though, For the people that don't smoke but still drink in bars.
  • Smoking in bars in Toronto has been banned for a while, and honestly? I don't really care, and I'm pretty much a chain smoker, haha. It's nice to go outside for a cigarette instead of sitting in a tiny room full of smoke, especially in the summer. I didn't even realize how bad smoking in bars was until I went to Cuba in November and went to a club and EVERYONE was smoking inside, I almost died in there.
  • They did this in Melbourne and it is great, now everyplace has a smoking outside room;0)
  • Smoking makes me ill (physically) BUT I believe it should be up to the owner of every individual store.
  • They did this where I was living years ago, and bars being only accessible by adults, makes me think that they are consenting to whatever, if they inhale second-hand smoke, the should drink at home.
  • 8-6-2017 Your opinion of smoking has nothing to do with it. The issue is that a central authority dictates every detail of everybody's life. There is no provision for individual preferences. Every central government follows the same pattern. They pile restrictions upon restrictions until the only way an honest man can make a living is by smuggling, and the only way a citizen can feel free is by hiding in the wilderness. And even at that the cops will run after him and tell him to get back to town. Every nation eventually collapses that way. After the collapse, the people mourn for the glory that used to be.
  • Yes breathing in 2nd hand smoke is toxic.... Smoking is toxic.... Most Smokers don't care, they will blow smoke in your face and not be bothered by it..... It stinks on smokers, makes me gag, smokers cannot realize this..... But since I neither smoke nor drink anymore, nor do I go to bars anymore, my opinion is moot.

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