• You should tell him to go away. If you truly believe in your belief, he should respect that. I would feel violated and insulted. I would still try to be the better man, but if it crack that thick shell of his, you either stronger words (we all know what I mean..) or simpler words.
  • Jesus said "judge not lest ye be judged." A good response might have been that God doesn't make mistakes. And how should you feel? If anything, feel sad for such ignorance.
  • Sounds like he is one of those Christians that hasn't learned that God doesn't want us to do a damn thing "for" Him, and so, though his intentions may be in the right place, he fails to do anything "of" God. I can't stand it when fellow Christians reduce our faith to a mere phylisophical challenge. It is a false representation of the teachings of Christ.
  • I believe that if he claims to be doing God's work then his goal was not to offend you but,trying to get you to reason...We are not here/alive/exist by accident or by mistake...but I guess you sorely missed the point.For one thing I would be offended if I didn't get his point...I guess anyone who claims to be doing the work of God should be taken seriously but for someone who is uncertain I can see why it is hard to do so....How should you feel about that?that's really up to you and how you interpret his question.I cannot say for certain whether he is doing the work of GOD but it is highly likely that he is doing the work of GOD if he is preaching about GOD-MATHEW 24:14(in case you don't have a bible "This Good News about the kingdom will be spread throughout the world as a testimony to all nations. Then the end will come") -this would include everyone,even those who do not believe in GOD!
  • no your not a mistke of God but by Christian standards you have strayed away from God. I don't understand what he may be trying to get other then this.
  • No! I am quiet offended of what this Christian man has told you. No you are not a mistake. Everyone is here for a purpose, and God has given you life to find that purpose as well as the chance to learn about him, he does not force you. Either way God still loves you no matter what. Sounds like this "Christian man" is a false prophet, a Fred Phelps in the making.
  • I would have turned my back and allowed him to continue his conversation with the imaginary cartoon squirrel he talks to when he's alone. What a waste of space! Sorry that happened to you.
  • I think he was trying to point out to you that God created you, I don't think he was trying to offend you. He, like me, just used the wrong words to try and have you see that God created you for a reason. I am not condoning what he said, not saying that he was right in saying it. As a Christian, I think that he was just going about it all wrong. Of course, I have no idea who this person is or who you are, or what he was trying to say. Don't we all deserve another chance to do something better? God Bless, <:))))<><
  • Wow, that was completely tacky of him! He obviously thought he was doing what he calls "The Work of God," but he wasn't! No person can do the Work of God. They can be the ones to convey God's message! He should never have asked if you were a mistake! That was completely wrong of him! And, yes, I AM a Christian!
  • Do you know why he asked that? Some Christians will ask questions like that to show the exact opposite to be true. Following the logic of the Christian belief he most likely was hoping that you would say that you are not a mistake, to which he would have replied "God intended to create you and therefore God is still active in this world. He has a purpose for you because he loves you." Again, this is just speculation based on what I, as a Christian, believe about God. What happened in the conversation after this question was asked?
  • I think by him saying you were a big mistake was very wrong. He might have meant different, but he should have thought his words through before he spoke. Try not to take offense to it. We as christians make mistakes to, and then after the fact, we realize what we've said or done.
  • Maybe he was doing the work of God. If you were an Agnostic, then you would know that you can't say for certain how the divine works and that it is entirely possible that God exists as this person believes and actually told him to teach you. It's unlikely, but it IS possible.
  • anyone who claims "to be doing the work of god" should be question because the best type of help is passive. The "work of god" saying has from my experience been from pridefull people that get the sensation of feeling powerful. Don't let extremests turn your life upside down. 9 times out of 10 that is what they will do.
  • Agnostics claim either that it is not possible to have absolute or certain knowledge of God or gods. What does your birth (I"m assuming he means your presence on this earth) have to do with you believing as he does, taking that leap of faith, in God? If he ever asks you that again, tell him no, that if you had been a fetus flushed down the stool, or taken out in a plastic bag as medical waste, he may then determine that you are indeed an unwanted pregnancy. That answer may cure him altogether of asking people if they are mistakes. Let's hope.
  • I am a christian and I belive he made a mistake by telling you that and you are not a mistake because God does not make mistakes!
  • However you wound up feeling was exactly what you should have felt about that. That's how feelings work. At any rate, he was using sophomoric word play, a low form of rhetoric. Much like the question "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" he was opening with the premise that either you were created by his god or else your birth was a "mistake", the double-meaning of "mistake" here being 1) not-destined and 2) the negative connotation of an error. Honestly, people should be required to take a logic class before they are allowed to spew their religious pablum in public. I have nothing against religion. I just find abhorent those who think they are using *logic* to convince other people of their *faith*. The Buddhists got it right: "Don't believe us, just try it for yourself and if it works for you, all the better."
  • I'm sorry for your bad experience. Not knowing the individual, I can not speak for his motives or intentions. However, I can say that no one does the "Work of God". Those of us who believe follow his Word and ask for guidance in our journey. If he leads us to do certain work in His name, then so be it. I find very arrogant that anyone can claim to do the "Work of God". My prayers are with you and please believe that this person is not representative of those of us who truly believe in His Word and teachings. Peace to all.
  • I'd be offended. Very offended, and ask him to elaborate what he meant.
  • Don't listen. He's probable being paid for it. It's part of the rhetoric and brain-washing to make you feel bad so that you will adhere to what they say. Your are certainly not a mistake. If anything it's the j-a who told you that. Stay away from the evangelicals. Alot,(not all), of them are ex drug addicts, suicide recoveries, ex anorexics, people with any number of psychological problems who have to hold on to their religion tightly in order that their lives do not spiral out of control. If you are feeling uneasy still, it is better to talk to someone high up in a traditional church. They would not tell you such nonsense.
  • How dare he! No-one should ever be called "a mistake".
  • The "work of God" is to lift others up in spirit and lead a helping hand to those in need....3 of my 4 kids were mistakes....the best mistakes I ever made!!!
  • I'm agnostic aswell so I know what you mean. first he is a dickhead for calling you a mistake. so in answer to your question you should feel great that your not like him. to the "Was he doing the work of god" question the answer is no. if there is a god I'd like to believe he/she wouldn't be giving him the orders.
  • If I understand your question, I think you are misinterpreting what he is saying. He is not calling you a mistake, he is asking if you think you happened deliberately or by accident/mistake. I can say that with confidence as it is a common argument in the Christian faith. He is actually telling you the exact opposite of what you are interpreting him to mean. He is telling you that you are too fearfully and wonderfully made (as the Psalmist says) to be a mistake. And he is asking you to consider an alternate possibility to your current view of yourself. How you should feel about that is that someone cares enough about you to ask you questions designed to make you think about your meaning in the world. Did you just happen? Or are you created by someone who cares about you more than you can imagine? As to whether he was doing the work of God; how do you feel about someone caring about others to tell them they are loved?
  • Many Christians have this incredibly pompous, superior attitude. Certainly not all of them but enough. He may have been letting his show. . Of course I can't know for sure. He may have sincerely chosen the wrong words or he may have been trying to provoke you in some way. . In any case, don't let him bother you. Whether mistaken, rude, or an all out Christian pompous ass, just keep on questioning. +5
  • Once Christians start talking about "the work of God," you should just tune out right there. Anything they say after that isn't worth listening to.
  • No he was not. God speaks of individuality and he tried to take yours away. I'd say he was doing the work of the Devil but thats me.
  • Ignorance is not necessarily bliss: It Is Merely Ignorance. Even if he does say he's a Christian. (Which I also say I am.) His mistake, not you. His god, not mine.
  • I would tend to wonder about that man's Christian maturity.
  • I'd feel insulted. He's a typical christian who feels superior to others because he's "saved". How can you do the work of god when there is no evidence that he or she exists? He's just making stuff up as he goes along. They have to because there are so many contradictions and errors in the bible.
  • The gentleman was doing the "work of God" in the sense that he was presenting reasons for you to believe in Jesus Christ. He was alluding to a passage of Scripture with that expression and that expression relates to bringing people to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. He may have said some things incorrectly, but your description seems to imply that he was sincere in trying to share Christ with you. We as Christians often say things the wrong way in our sincere efforts to share Christ with unbelievers. But a true Christian will sincerely desire that you do put your trust in Christ because God loves you and wants you to believe in Him. In short, the person was sincere in his intent, if not polished in his approach. Hope this helps.
  • I would say he is a good marketing guy living life on selling religion and God.
  • Wow, I read all of the answers to this question. This man has been called everything in the world for saying you were a mistake. Reread the question people, He said, "Are you a mistake" not "You are a mistake". He was probably just trying to get him to into a conversation to talk about the existence of God by using his creation as a starting point. I see a lot of people with chips on their shoulders against religious people being quick to condemn this man from only hearing 4 words that he spoke from an invisible person on our computer screens when we have no proof of this instance happening or that the person who asked the question even exists. You can actually learn more about nonbelievers by these answers than anything else.
  • He was playing with semantics to try to back you into somehow having to admit there is a god. He gave you a false dichotomy. ie: You can only be one of only two things - a mistake (with all the connotations that go with "mistake") or created by his particular god (no other gods, only his). I'm sure he THOUGHT he was doing the work of god. In truth he was playing word games...
  • I'd tell him he's the mistake because if he doesn't leave me alone and bug off I'll show him the error of his way with a punch to the face. That doesn't mean I'll be violent to all xtians..just the arrogant jerks who think they're entitled to insult my intelligence because they believe in talking snakes and other delirious things.
  • You should have told him that you must be, because god apparently sent his worker down here to convince you to believe and he's obviously not doing a very good job. If god really wanted you to believe in him, he would understand the required level of proof you would need to believe. If the guy says we all have free will, then god wouldn't mind if you didn't believe or can at least understand (at least if he really is god) that without any proof that Christianity is any more real than Judaism that it would be impossible for you to know which faith to practice. . Me personally, I just look for the most reliable evidence. Such as all bodily function ceasing after death, the fact that people lie, that ancient mythologies also required belief, and most importantly that all people are ignorant. If we're all ignorant, then it would be impossible for the Christian to know anything more than you based on a "feeling" or "belief." . Without proof, there's no reason to believe. If you were to start with a clean slate and put only factual evidence up on it, then would it lead you to believe in something we would consider if we saw it in a movie unbelievable? No, it would lead you to believe that consciousness is over once we're dead. I do not have faith there isn't a god, but I do hope there isn't one. At least not one that's not worth worshipping.
  • He was trying to reason with you. He was trying to get you to see that you are NOT a mistake or accident or happenstance! Not telling you you are one! I think he was doing the work of God.
    • ReiSan
      God wants you to be rude and bossy I see. Religious fanatics are incapable of reason.
  • He is rather rude and domineering. Just tell him you do not wish to talk yo him. Christians try to spread their religion, because more new members means more money for the clergymen. Gods do not exist, so he could not be doing any god's work. He is just being obnoxious.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Not talking to a person who expresses freedom of speech is the best thing to do. Quote: "Christians try to spread their religion, because more new members means more money for the clergymen." How do you know they are Christians to begin with? Shouldn't you know them by their fruits?
  • Christians can rationalize virtually anything by how scripture is interpreted including killing their children like Abraham almost did. I wouldn't worry too much about whether or not he was doing the work of God because, to the guy you spoke with. that's his opinion that may or may not be supported by other Christians.
  • he was probably just trying to point that out to you
  • If you are truly convinced about your beliefs, then you should feel nothing about it.
  • Try to avoid religious people if you can.
  • Yeah, to you don't have to talk to strangers.

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