• It means balance, which usually results in peace. I love that state of being ; )
  • Balance of Life
  • means there is alway alittle good in evil, and always alittle evil in good.
  • man and woman
  • It means that we need, and seek balance, often without even realizing that we are doing so. We like salty with the sweet, tears alongside the laughter and quiet moments to balance the hectic ones.
  • If I whip out my Yin and you don'd Yangk it off we're in harmony/balance?
  • The Chinese have a way of life centered around harmony. The Yin and the Yang. Yin (literally the 'shady place' or 'north slope') yang (literally the 'sunny place' or 'south slope') Life is a balance of good and bad. It's reflected in Chinese food A food either has a "warming" Yang affect Or a "cooling" Yin affect.
  • Balance..:)
  • Many a relationship could be described in the Yin/Yang!
  • yin is female and yang is male.
  • to me personally balance and unity
  • It's the constant state of change in life striving for equilibrium...sometimes the Yin needs to dominate, sometimes the Yang. Ultimately, both are required to have balance. It pretty much applies to everything from relationships to Quantum theories of the nature of the universe itself.
  • Two principles which are opposed to one another and as such are also complimentary. One cannot exist without the other. In Chinese philosophy dealing with the Dao(the name given to the sign of the interaction of the Yin-Yang), these two principles are at the origin of creation and life. Yang, symbolizes the positive, male, active aspects of things and their beginning. Yin, symbolizes the negative, feminine, passive aspect of things and their ending(sorry, but that is the way it was explained to me by someone very familiar with the concept). Yang is also light and dryness, while Yin is shade and humidity. All sciences of Chinese origin are based on the concept of the interaction of these two principles; it was understood that nothing could be totally Yang or totally Yin: everything must necessarily contain a small element of Yin in its Yang and of Yang in its Yin. The eternal interaction of the two is represented by the sign of the Dao, and sometimes by the eight trigrams which are regarded as fundemental, taken from the Taoist Yijing or 'Book of Changes'. Certain martial arts masters whose teachings were written down provide evidence that from early times an attempt was made to classify diverse movements of their disciplines as Yin or Yang. That's what Yin-Yang means to me.

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