• Jeeps are very universal when it comes to the power train
  • Its one of the vehicles that was initially used in mountainous regions and by the cops(India.... till now!!) The reason is that all the four wheels are connected to the shaft of the piston and so all of them are driven at the same time, unlike the other vehicles or SUVs where the rear wheels are only driven and those in front roll on with the momentum. So that makes easier to ride jeeps on rough surfaces or without skidding in mud or swamp areas. But there are SUVs which are manufactured with the same benefit, these days.
  • You get to hear that wonderful constant road and wind noise ;-)
  • Not a jeep necessarily, but a four wheel drive vehicle is good to own if you live n an area that has bad roads or harsh conditions. But not all jeeps are 4x4.
  • What I have heard is that any 4 X 4 is good to have but that there are Frequent periods where the vehicles have Major Problems and then have High repair costs.
  • Yhe name is easy to fill out on Department of Motor Vehicle forms and insurance documents. Also - Jeep rymes with creep - and little children can spend many a joyfull moment singing - "Ow look at the creep in his Jeep going beep - beep - beep!..." All kidding aside here - jeeps are fun little trucks with great off road abilities - as well a good durability record and reasonable economy. If your into sportyness and durability a jeep is a good motoring choice.
  • Easier to parallel park.
  • The type of vehicle depends on the terrain you will use it in. I prefer a good 4x4 vehicle, I can take it to the beach and drive over the sand without problems. They are strong and if of a good brand then better still. Regards.
  • A jeep or four wheel drive will take you anywhere in any weather.
  • Owning a jeep would enable you to know where you wasted you money.
  • Our Astro mini van was hit by a Jeep Wrangler causing 3800 dollars damage to the van and none to the Jeep, now I drive a 2006 Jeep Wrangler. Jeeps are versital and fun to drive, dont get a four cylinder, the straight six is great!

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