• The Internet, X box, DVD players, global warming awareness, pharmaceutical ads on tv, hybrid bicycles, hybrid cars.
  • Remote control for changing the tv... That's why we had kids, so they could change it for us. :)
  • Jeez, how long have you got? Just a few.... Remote Control TV Colour TV Computers (and all the peripherals that go with them) Cordless Phones Mobile Phones SatNav Satellite TV Cable TV LCD Watches Button Cell Batteries Disposable Cigarette Lighters Double Glazing Low Energy Light Bulbs Flatpack Furniture Electric Lawnmowers Digital Cameras Videos DVDs Microwave Ovens Fibre Optics Global Warming (although the jury's still out on this one) The International Space Station .....and many more. (Strangely though, I don't remember a time without ballpoint pens!)
  • Computers, cell phones, video games, VCRs, DVDs, CD players, unleaded gas, air bags, anti-lock brakes, cable TV, satellite TV, hand-held calculators, blackberries, iPods, plasma & HD TV, "cussing" on TV, HIV/AIDS, alternative fuels .........................................................................................................................................
  • All the above, plus more than three tv channels tv that was on all day (and all night) kiwi fruits, nectarines (they weren't available where I lived) vegetarian meals in restaurants disabled access LCD watches (remember the ones with the black face and you had to press a button to see the time? Astronauts colour telly microwaves pasta shells italian restaurants (the first one in the city i grew up in appeared in 1980) political correctness seatbelt laws! health and safety cassette players ( I remember reel to reel!) record players that had only one speed (ours had 16, 33 1/3, 45 and 78!) budget airlines gel pens tortilla chips / doritos - all that kind of thing mars bars with crimped edges on the packaging decimal currency! the euro any kind of telephone other than the standard black bakelite one produced by the GPO (the trimphone came in later) Trivial Pursuit The Liberal Democrats! A route from east to west germany the channel tunnel any form of disney theme park in europe croissants in the local bakery marscapone fitted kitchens women's lib! equality of pay for women (although some might say that still does not exist) The EU The prospect of Y2K bugs rear wash wipers on cars blue smarties a wide range of colours of toilet paper toilet ducks low calorie-anything! this list could go on for ever!
  • Much much younger... Television Computers CD's Answering Machines Cell Phones Microwave Ovens Dishwashers Refrigerators (I remember the icebox when I was 3) GPS Bottled water
  • The wheel
  • we didnt have stress when i was growing up. I was in my fifties before i found out what stress was.
  • Whoa .. in two ways: (1) a LOT has come along since my growing up days and (2) there are already some really good lists here What's funny? Some things that "hadn't come along yet" when I was growing up - now - are already GONE and replaced once or twice over again with changes or improvements or new things altogether. Means either I'm REALLY feeling old or (more nicely), technology is changing the way we live in exponetial fashion. lol Some things that weren't available: -- cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, VHS videoassette tapes, Betamax tape - or any of the equipment (recorders or players) to create or view or listen to them. -- personal computers, mice, the World wide Web, Microsoft Windows or Micorsoft Office -- mopeds lol -- all that "digital stuff" like digital cameras or any talk at all about "files" .. jpegs, MP3, MP4, etc -- (I had a Kodak brownie - box camera) Later one, we thought it was a miracle to get those instant polaroids. -- telephones were standard issue - heavy - black -- zip codes -- remember that new fangled thing that came along later in time .. pantyhose? LOL!! Enough already. Didn't even get started on politics or the space race or or or ....
  • we didnt have the internet when i was growing up

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