• Because they do not understand the differences and the interest is sparked and that is the way it seems to them as creepy and to us it is just life.
  • I think little boys realize little girls are different and they don't really know why. Secretly they like them, but only from a distance. Girls, only the other hand, like little boys and are not so afraid of them. They like to be around them, so when you watch children play, little girls are always chasing little boys, and little boys think they are rather creepy!
  • I'm a born lover.I never thought that way.I loved them alltime.
  • For the same reason little girls think boys are creepy..
  • When I was a little boy, I thought little girls were repulsively ugly. I think it was nature's way of getting me to hang out with other boys, thus teaching me how to be a boy before I got interested in chasing girls and suddenly didn't care about other boys.
  • To little boys, little girls ARE creepy.
  • Because the have cooties! Don't you know anything? (Yeah, I know your profile says your female! You had cooties when you were a little girl, too!) :):)
  • LOL...because girls play with dolls, they are bossy, they want to play house, play with their Easy Bake ovens, they like to play tetherball, they don't like worms and snakes and Crawdads, :) I raised one son and still have 2 more sons and a daughter in the house

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