• An earthquack? Is that what happens when a whole flock of ducks lands at once? All kidding aside, I'd rather deal with a tornado. Even the biggest rarely damage more than a mile wide swath at a time. They don't usually level whole cities. There are usually people and buildings left unaffected so that someone can come to your rescue and there are still buildings that you can shelter in.
  • I guess an earthquack. Although I'm not entirely sure what that is. Some kind of natural disaster brought on by ducks quacking in large numbers simultaneously??
  • I've never been in an earthquake, but have survived 2 tornadoes and didn't feel scared at all. The cleanup was very difficult, but the earth stayed in place and underground cables and pipes remained intact. Tornadoes seem to give more warning, too. Even the short prep time we had for the tornado was adequate. I prefer living in tornado country than earthquake zone.
  • I'd take the tornado. Those things can sometimes be dodged. You can't dodge the earth beneath you.
  • It would depend how severe the earthquake was .I have been through both ..Luckily I was never in bad trouble in either. I have seen the aftermath of the damage of both and cannot imagine wanting to be in either if they were really sever.
  • An earthquack sounds enticing right now.
  • I'm not too fond of either one. Since I have never experienced a earthquack it is hard to say. I hate wind of any kind so I don't want to be around a severe tornado I know for sure. Can I just go with heavy rain please?
  • I would rather deal with the tornado since I have done that before and have spent my life in tornado alley here in the Midwest. I know what to expect, etc.
  • neither, ive been in earthquakes before

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