• Angry, mindless idiots have no life and no morals. +
  • Because they can't act like normal human beings. They have toget out in public and act nasty and begrade humans period. Maybe they wold be treated better if they did not bring so much attention to hey I am gay. Look at me. Give me for free because I am gay. Same thing as immigrants do.
    • RJ
      Gay people are just like any other human beings, and nobody wants to be treated like a second-class citizen
  • Because certain religious groups are under the impression that everyone is entitled to their beliefs.
  • Everyone claming they are discriminated against these days. The only one who can really complain is a normal white male. Its starting to get annoying. In todays PC world people need to lighten up and become a little more thick skinned.
  • the same reason anyone is discriminated against, fear, misunderstanding, hate, because they have been hurt, because they have no control over it, whatever some discrimination may be justified most probably isn't.
  • It's mainly due to old outdated religious beliefs. It's sad we have other humans being persecuted by religion in the 21st century. As the old homophobes raised when it was okay to diss homosexuality die off, it'll be better.
  • anddeb,great answer.i gave you a point.
  • non believers are hopeless.
  • The answer is simple. People are afraid of what they don't understand and discrimination is their way of coping and feeling superior
  • The same reason any minority is, ignorance.
  • They are discriminated for a variety of reasons that range from perhaps, religious beliefs or people-influence, personal experience, and misconceptions about theory (as in, they think gays are unnatural, not genetic, a personal choice). But why would such a large community CHOOSE to be gay when they know they will be reprimanded and frowned upon for such blasphemy! Nah, the underlying reason is that there has just been so much crap associated with gays (look at the name - an immediate negative connotation), as well as fear of those who may be different, lack of acceptance and pure disgust. A straight man would think loving another man unfeasible... hence, already a barrier here is set up.
  • Because one small section of the Old Testament is used extensively to justify their own hatreds. Yet just a couple passages away are a whole bunch of other sections that detail other 'sins' that are wholeheartedly ignored.
  • Because of close-minded parents raising close-minded kids, Christians quoting Scriptures without reading them first, and because not enough is being done to stop the discrimination. Plenty is done by the gays, but not enough is being put in by the straight people, even those who support us.
  • Same reasons why Christians are foreigners are Republicans are democrats are conservatives are Liberals are fat people are old people are short people are poor people are rich people are the list could go on forever no one's exclusive to discrimination. people are just stupid and they hate whoever is not like them.

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