• First of all man did not create GOD , GOD created man , and man needs to be more aware of the facts and what is in the Old Testament. I am no way making an argument, just stating facts. Its all in the first book in the bible, Genesis, which explains how the earth and man were created.
  • In fact the man is created by God and he is the master of entire creation. we should not select the confusing choices, which is not eralistic in term of worship. God is at the top of every things and nothing is over, equal, similar or relative to him at all. He is super differnt one than any creature.
  • DEAM who ever invented god IF he was invented must have been a real badass genus make such a long story and a story that never dies , he was one hell of a writer
  • It depends on which god you're talking about. Maybe someone came up with the idea that a higher form of life is responsible for their own form of life.
  • just another way to control people...
  • I think that humans aren't content with not knowing the answers, and looked to supernatural explanations when they could not find natural ones. There were supernatural explanations for the clouds, the moon, sun and tides, among other things. We now know how these things work, and therefore the supernatural explanation has been outdated. Humans also must have wondered where they, and other life, came from, and dreamed of a god to satisfy their curiosity. It is rather amazing. Now, we have more answers, and the supernatural explanation of god is no longer needed, but we still hold onto it, like a child with a teddy bear. One day we will release it, and I wait for that day with bated breath.
  • I know what he was thinking after. "First god created men...Then he had a better idea" :D
  • They needed answers whether they were made up ones or not. It's kind of sad, really. People being born and not knowing why or what the fuck is going on.
  • Well, if you choose not to believe and there is no God, then you should be ok when you die, BUT, what if there is a God and you dont believe? Where are you going when you die? Eternity is a mighty long time, my friend.
  • In fact non of people and nation have been chosen by God in the earth. all of them are very equal to God. But God has sent several messanger to the poeples those were the most wronge and in huge sins and needed more guidance. but it donsn't meant they were liked and chosen by the God. Jews committed a lot of sins and crimes against the prophets and other peoples a long the histroy, and they need to ask God for forgiving them as they mihgt be shosen by the God for punishment.
  • I think it is arrogance to assume that such a glorious creation as Spaghetti could have been the product of even the finest human intelligence, nay, though I no doubt believe that it was the hand of man that crafted the noodle and shaped the meatball, it was from on high that it became the divine union
  • well he didnt have any answers back then- so he made up some bullshit- the problem is people still believ it today and make it the most important thing in their lives.
  • How to control the uneducated and weak minded.
  • "I'm not wearing hockey pads."
  • what do you mean "created"? all hail his noodly appendages!!!!! may the spaggety lord forgive your foolish ignorance.

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