• With good hindsight, not the best so much, but in he top 3
  • ewwwww... God no! They should be... But this aint High School musical for most of us honey. For most of us... It's either Rent or La Boheme.
  • Looking back yes. Not THE best days but one of. You have nothing to worry about. My biggest worry back then was making friends, doing chores and not bringing home a C on my report card. That's about it!
  • Being 73 years old I would say NO. It is a cliche like the Golden Years. I think it refers to Youth and it's life of being protected by parents...
  • Not for me. If it gets any worse, I will wish that I was never born. My school days are absolute Hell. People torture me everyday, and I just have to take it, because the damn administration are partial to the popular kids! The kids at my school have literally tried to kill me, and the staff does NOTHING! Anyway, sorry for my little rant. But no, they are not the best days of my life at least.
  • Mine was. Life was simple. Besides homework and the occasional playground bully to deal with, no cares in the world. Laughing our heads off at everything. High ideals and high hopes...
  • No. No, no, no, and no. Oh, and no. School days can be great. To all those who had wonderful school days, hooray for you. That's excellent. But what would life be if the best days of our lives were over at age 18 (or, if you count college, in our mid-twenties)? I refuse to think that life is all downhill from there. I have been out of school for a few years, and my life gets better and better each year. God willing, it will continue to do so until I die.
  • Well im in the last 8 weeks of my school days and i'm really hoping there not! They've been good and it will be sad to see them come to an end but i'm hoping i've got alot more in stall for me, othwise i won't be too pleased! I've got years of travelling ahead of me and i plan to make them the best =)
  • my answer is not as all those who did answer this question....WHY?? because i don't live in U.S.A i never did... i live in Jordan (the middle east) I'm coming from different background some how... public schools here separates the boys from the girls.. I miss the school days so much...but i try to learn from them.. if i could turn time back i wouldn't go back to those days because i like to test what i have learned and see the real world... this is a good question ..keep the good work

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