• what does the water being distilled have to do with it? If you were in a bath, any kind of water or liquid, and the dryer was on and plugged in and you dropped it in the water, you would get electrocuted.
  • Hmmm... I'd dispute the 'any liquid' statement. Heavy water is often used to display electrical equipment operating submersed, no conductivity. So the statement is that immersing yourself and an electrical item in any conductive liquid will result in electrocution, particularly if the item has no earth connection. I've no basis in fact but I'd expect the wired earth to present a much more attractive route for rogue current than you and a bathtub. The earth connection should have a very low resistance so the bath tub would need to have an even lower resistance, although there might be some leakage along that route. Over to the real scientists.
  • I think it may depend on which hair you're trying to dry! :-)

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