• Don't give him any punani until he cleans up his act.
  • Take him to the local car wash and let him have it!
  • sounds to me like hes in a rut, too much booze? putting on weight? get some advice from your doctor and try to nip it in the bud. admitting it would be a great advance, take it from one who knows.
  • He can go quite a while without sex, so that won't bother him much, and no he is not cheating, trust me I know.
  • No booze, no weight. My husband is in the army. He is fit physically and doesn't drink at all.
  • I am assuming that he wasn't always this way...otherwise you would not have married him? Time for a serious talk..not just a complaint or critique. "Honey...Your disrespect for yourself has become a serious problem in our marriage. When you neglect your personal hygiene, I feel quite repelled and it disrespects me too. I know you don't mean it that way, but that is how I feel. I need you to take me seriously when I say that you MUST make a change in this behaviour before it drives us apart" If he still doesn't change...then you might want to deduce that driving you away is his goal. Sad, but perhaps true.
  • Is there a separate bedroom? You could leave and tell him when he showered to call you. You may have to make up a shower schedule and tell him that you will compromise and put him down for twice a week to start. Offer to wash his back, maybe he will learn to like them. good luck!
  • maybe he just wants to feel like hes out fighting the war getting down a dirty... you could spray him with axe or something...
  • out gross him, don't wipe your butt, spill stuff on the floor, have your dog crap in the living room. leave the used kitty litter on the kitchen counter, drink out of the carton.
  • Why do you think he is like this? Depressed, no intiative, bad childhood, etc?
  • Is he possibly suffering from depression?
  • 2 weeks? Wow, I think it's time to hose him down with cool water!!
  • Is this a new occurrence? If so, he may be in a state of depression. If this is not a new occurrence, why are you complaining about it now?
  • Too much information is left out for me to give you very good advice. 1. Has he always been like this or is it something that just recently come about? If he has always been like this, you should not be surprised and should been an indication that he was never taught the importance of good hygiene. If he just started behaving this way, he could be going through a bad or rough spot in his life. 2. Age of your spouse can play a big factor in giving advice. If he is a young man a simple bringing home some lady friends could spark him into wanting to not be seen as a bum. middle aged this most likely won't work as well and you may have to make demands that he clean up his act. an elderly man may need some encouragement offer to shower with him. 3. How is the rest of your relationship? This could mean several things depending on your own personal situation. 4. Besides bathing how is his out-look on life in general? Is he moody or withdrawn? Is he distant and depressed? True hygiene is important and is usually the sign of something else that triggers this reaction in many people. I suspect something bigger is causing him to behave like he is that bathing is just a warning sign.

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