• There are some "celebrities" in near proximity to where I live. After hearing about Eminem's dismay about his lack of privacy when he is out I would never approach anyone if I did see them in public. They do a job, they get paid, they deserve peace and to be left alone when they are out doing what they do in their personal time. Al Pacino, Alan Ruck, Barry Bostwick, Bill Murray, Billy Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Rosie O'Donnell
  • A sports 'celebrity' lived pretty close to me. I met him once and he was a really nice person. Francis Joseph "Spec" Shea (October 2, 1920 - July 19, 2002) sometimes known as "The Naugatuck Nugget," was a Major League Baseball pitcher from 1947-1955. He played for the New York Yankees from 1947-1951 and the Washington Senators from 1952-1955. He was the winning pitcher in 2 1947 World Series games. Shea was the winning pitcher in the 1947 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the same year MLB instated the Rookie of the Year Award. Shea was in the running for the award, but it went to Jackie Robinson. Robert Redford called Spec during production of the film The Natural for pitching consultation.
  • I live close to where a celebrity was born and often comes to visit. Oprah was born in Koscuisko MS and I dont live very far from there. I only wish I could meet her..shes awesome.
  • I just moved from an area where a few celebrities live/had lived. Emenim wasn't too far away. Dave Couilier (sp? Uncle Joey from Full House) used to live just a couple miles away from me. Kid Rock was (don't know if he still is) right in between where I used to live and where I live now. Lots of Motown artists still live in/around Detroit. Ted Nugent is still around here somewhere. Bob Birch (Elton John's bassist) grew up in my neighborhood. I've never met any of them! lol EDIT: How could I forget Jeff Daniels! He lives about an hour from where I used to live. Never met him either, but I did see him at a concert recently, he was a few rows ahead of me.
  • I used to live about 4 blocks from Elvis's house in Memphis. No, I never met him. Now I live about 50 miles from Oprah's hometown..Koscuisko MS and no, I haven't met her either.
  • David James who plays football (goalkeeper) for England sometimes lives a couple of miles away from me, I have seen him a couple of times. There are lots of rumours that Robbie Williams has bought a large house a few miles away too but its not confirmed yet. Nick Knowles from DIY SOS has been seen drinking in one of our local pubs so he must be local.
  • Chubby Checker... the guy who sings the The Twist lives near me... pass his house at least once a week... kinda cool.
  • I live just blocks away from several professional baseball players, and a local news anchorwoman. Yes, I have met and talked to several of them (during the performance of my job).
  • Jill Stein unfortunately lives near me. No have not and don't care to.

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