• Yeah, you can walk on it without being Jesus
  • Research shows that hard drinking water generally contributes towards total calcium and magnesium human dietary needs.
  • i dont think so that there is any benefits as Hard water can be potentially corrosive and damaging to domestic appliances, pipework and central heating boilers. but may be they are helpul in completing human dietery need Fit an Eddy water descaler to greatly reduce the problems and damage caused by limescale and hard water.
  • Not that I know of. Our area has extremely hard water. It eats through our water heater, gunks up the water softener, etc.
  • I have heard that it is generally more healthful. One danger to note is that many water softening processes use salts and can be problematic to people w/ blood pressure issues.
  • None that I know of. Things get corroded more quickly; you need to use more soap; glasses get more water stains; etc.
  • People wont ask to take a shower at yur place.
  • I have heard it is healthy because it provides certain dietary supplements, but I don't like it the taste is horrible and my plants die!!!
  • Yes it helps protect you from fluoride. Hard water helps reduce fluoride absorption. It also makes it difficult for the government to fluoridate your water supply. The medical establishment may tell you fluoride is good for your teeth but that's nonsense. Calcium fluoride has a small beneficial effect on teeth. However in many countries the government put Sodium Fluoride in the water. This is a toxic waste product from the aluminum industry. It used to be the active ingredient in rat poison. It has been shown to cause all kinds of health problems including cancer and reduced IQ. My advice is to use fluoride free toothpaste and get a berkey water filter with the add on fluoride removal filters if you live in a fluoridated area.

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