• (Goldlap) Poland hosts the World Screaming Championships. Sounds like one place I won't be visiting.
  • lolzz ha intresting question and answer is poland okzz
  • Poland. Want to know its origens? OK, Poland is a vast plain, with a few still remaining forests. Since ancient times it has been attacked by everyone from Mongols, Tartars, Cossacks, Russians, Germans, Swedes, French (Napoleon), Germans again, Russians again....Sometimes there has been a Poland...and sometimes not. Usually not. Anyway, people working out in the fields usually were the first to see an invader coming. The loud, prolonged scream was a warning to get into the walled town or into the castle keep. Read "Poland", by James Michener. Excellent book.
  • TOM 47 and others - What are you writing about Poland ??? French have NEVER attacked our country !!! GOŁDAP ( not Goldlap) is very nice place - there are lakes and hills there. Forests are 29 % of all surface of Poland. I think you don't even know where is Poland on the map !! I am Hanna from Warsaw.

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