• That he likes to explore his sexuality. it is a safe way for the 2 of you to have a 3 some why dont you ask if you can join in. Maybe he was shy and didnt wanna tell you about it or maybe he was hoping you would find out and get into it with him. what we are into with sex can change all the time nobody is getting hurt go have some fun
  • It says he enjoys seeing himself experiencing pleasure, or at least likes to remember how good it felt to do what he recorded while he watches it pleasuring himself. There's nothing wrong with it by any means. Sure, he may be a little weirder than you thought he was, but is he not the same man? I agree with Surplus' comment. Maybe there's a way for you to subtly let on that you know or that you've seen the video. Even if it doesn't turn you on, imagine how much he will get off on you joining in with him. Maybe you can let him tape that as well. My point is, when you marry somebody, you're pledging to accept them for who they really are. If he likes to fuck a rubber doll, so what? As his spouse, don't you want him to enjoy himself? If my wife recorded herself masturbating with a dildo or doll of some sort, I'd love to be a part of what turns her on. If I made a video of anything sexual, I'd only hope that she'd do the same for me.
  • depends what the doll looked like
  • My dear, never mind what it says about him. What does it say about you? That's something to worry about.
  • that means that hes not pleased with your relation
  • I had the opportunity to get one of those dolls for free, so I did. Nothing against the girlfriend I had at the time, but I just had to try it out.
  • What it says about him , is that he wanted a little VARIETY and something different ... Instead of going out and having a torrid affair ; he purchased a "doll" ....
  • He needs to find a better hiding place for his videos.
  • I think the real question is, "What is this going to say about you?" Is this an ignore it event because he wont be bringing home diseases.? Is this a marriage counseling event? Is this a personal challenge event to out perform the doll?

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