• bad starter, dead battery or dead cylinoid..check battery first, if it does not start starter is locked up..
  • Sounds like it may be the starter.
  • Starter. Either the motor itself is shot OR (more likely in my experience) the switch that powers up the motor is gone. Either way, the simplest solution is a new starter.
  • Is this a fast click? Like a machine gun kind of speed? Check your interior lights. Are they dim or bright? If they are dim, your battery is dead. You will need to boost it and it should start fine. Everytime I've heard this sound, it's been a dead battery...and I've heard it a lot.
  • I took my starter in and had it tested at an auto parts store they said it was good. I got a new relay. check the wires, still nothing when i ture the key. Battery is good. I am getting power to the starter it just is not turning over
  • f-150 ford 1993: allready change the starter four time,not to mention new battery,solenoid,altanator,and the ignition swith.the problem is the starter stay engage when engine is running. need help than you

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