• Because there is still all the criminals who never made it to prison yet!
  • No matter how many in prison, there are still plenty no in jail to take up the slack.
  • Well, perhaps prisons alone aren't the answer. Head Start, boys and girls clubs, and other things might actually help.
  • Too many things are illegal.
  • There's a waiting list;)
  • um...teenagers?
  • The waiting line is too long on Death Row.
  • We are producing criminals faster than we can dispose of them.
  • Some people are just genetic mistakes, and we are making more and more each year.
  • Because the US is a non-stop witch hunt. Communists, war on crime, war on drugs, war on drunks, war on terror...They have to keep the public's mind occupied with some kind of brainwashing at all times just to keep 'em distracted from the real issues at hand which are the rampant corruption, greed, the rich screwing the poor and you name it
  • The high crime rates exist because of the "Untouchables" of the world, along with the 'smart' criminals. They just haven't gotten caught yet. In due time, it will happen, but that's not to say that they will be imprisoned for it. Jails & prisons are so overpopulated; more and more criminals are sentenced to home confinement or probation instead. Not to mention, the "Untouchables" hold too much power, and often provide protection for many public officials.
  • Because prisons don't stop crime. Normal, law abiding non-criminals assume that because prison (or the threat or it) would stop them, it would stop criminals. But the overwhelming majority of criminals are sad misfits, and prison makes them worse, not better - which has been proved, several times. So one answer is that you have high crime rates *because* you have so many criminals in prison. Once they have done a few months inside, they are good for nothing but crime.
  • Please ignore - posted answer instead of comment.
  • Because Prison in the US does not work as a deterrent.
  • Crime rates are much lower than we're lead to believe. In fact by governments own words crime rates seem to go down year after year yet we build more and more prisons. We're told to be scared all the time and every BIG crime gets all the gory details plastered all over TV news every night so we think it's just terrible. The truth is TV news continually reports ONLY the juiciest and keeps reporting it until it grows so old nobody cares anymore. So they go in search of more juicy crime. The fact is the VAST majority of all inmates are non violent first time offenders and TV news DOES NOT tell us that little Billy was popped selling joints to his buddies, but got sent to prison for 20-40 years and a life of rape and torture then DEA put his whole family, grandma and grandpa included in prison, took all their belongings on trumped up "conspiracy" charges then sold it all at police auctions. If they did that average Americans would know who the REAL criminals would be and all the GodDamned cop hero worship bullshit would stop overnight. That's why we DO NOT have high crime rates. They create it.
  • Prison doesn't work well enough in the US because prisoners have too many rights and many of them get so use to living in prison that it's the only place they really know how to live. After being in prison so many times, it's too hard to find a real job so they resort to what put them in prison in the first place or some other illegal operation to make money and go back in again and out again and in again, like it's a revolving door. The prisons are so overcrowded that they have to let some go on probation or parole so we probably have as many criminals out of prison on any given day, than we have in prison.

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