• I watch a lot of movies and go to the theatre 2-3 times a week. I buy popcorn and soda or water. Some times candy but not often.
  • I usually watch movies at home since I have a 67" HDTV and blu ray player. i did go to Harkins yesterday though as it was my sons birthday and he requested to see hotel for Dogs. Yes we bought popcorn, soda and candy. It was fun considering that was my first time in a theater since the second Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • movies at home. the theater is fun but you can always find something good for the home. and ya always gotta have snacks when you go to the theater
  • I think I like them better at home. It's awfully expensive to go to theatres anymore. And when I do I buy all the goodies.
  • I usually watch them at home, so I can smoke at the same time. >_> But when I do go to the theatre, I always get popcorn. With extra butter! ^_^
  • both. theater: sneak popcorn in, or buy it as a combo during the matinee special.
  • both and i always buy popcorn, even if im full
  • I usually watch them at home.
  • a little of both I try to go to the movies my kids always interrupt my movies but as far as snacks I'm going to be real I sneak snacks in the movies all the time chips, candy, dip, drinks the whole nine when I was pregnant I even took some Curry chicken and rice in there
  • I don't go to theaters.I watch movies at home!
  • Mostly at home, but occasionally at the drive in theater and always have to buy some of that heavy butter covered artery clogging pop corn.
  • I like to go to the movie theatre but watch most movies at home. It's getting pretty expensive to make an outing of movies. I do buy popcorn and a soda.

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