• No, I think people become more realistic about things as they age. It is why teenagers are so ignorant to so many things that they think they know about, and most people in their thirties and forties know what the hell is going on for real.
  • Not necessarily. Studies have shown a decrease in happiness and life satisfaction for people in their 40's, and an increase in happiness and satisfaction from 50 on up. On the whole, older people are happier and more satisfied than young people. The one caveat would have to be health. Many older people (myself included) have conditions that cause chronic severe pain. I can tell you from experience, when you are in unrelieved, severe pain, you aren't feeling very happy.
  • If they are trying to avoid dealing with their resentment, then, yes, of course.
  • I can see as my mother ages that she gets frustrated and can only stand short amounts of time with the younger grandkids.
  • sort of what happens is that ppl have lived for a while and get used to a routine, i don't think they get cranky, i think the lose their patience and don't tolerate bs as easy. they hear the same old story and they have been through it many many times, so they snap a little easier
  • I don't know about other people, but the older I get, the less cranky I get. It also takes more for me to become frustrated and I have more patience. I have noticed that I tend to be more straightforward..but not to the point of hurting someone's feelings when it can be avoided. Not that I'm old, of course..I may get cranky yet. ;-)
  • NO!!!Why??? JK,age has little to do with serenity. If a person is content with who they are,age has no bearing on their disposition.
  • As I have aged I think I have mellowed, I am saving my crankiness for menopause! ;)
  • No, I would say it is the opposite. There is an impatience to youth and often they get cranky with lack of sleep or when things don't go their way. Age brings experience and coping methods.
  • Yes I do...
  • Yes they do, in general, I certainly fit the category.

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