• I liked the way the dress looked on me!!
  • It made my Jowls look thinner. ROFL
  • I lost weight and needed new clothes for work.
  • A funeral.
  • I needed one for a Christmas Dance. I'm not a dress person, but it was the most suitable item for that specific do.
  • I thought it would look great with my new Hunter wellington boots.
  • I needed a dress for the company Christmas Party and the one I found was within my price range.
  • A wedding in the family.
  • Great video!!! I remember that:-) So, my last dress I bought because I needed a pretty dress for the summer that had short sleeves so I'd be cooler:-)
  • Lol I LOVED the vid!!! I bought my last dress because .. umm .. I liked it? and it was quite cheap considering it looks so good :)
  • I was going to shake my groove thang at the club. :) (:
  • ...I have been working out with great effort since this summer...& I picked a dress last month that clings a bit...and it looks good! And I am in the category of 50+...even my students noticed! NOT going to stop working out, now!
  • i was shopping with my daughter for something she needed and i saw this beautiful dress and could picture myself wearing it in hawaii. it fit like a dream and i wore it to a luau on the beach outside waikiki
  • "FORCED" is the word I'd use! I had to buy a dress for my little sister's wedding last September. I HATED it!
  • Crazy sale =) i always wanted to get a party dress though i don't really have any party to go so this crazzzzzzzzzy sale gave me a good excuse to get it.
  • hmm the last dress i got was for a wedding last summer. Loved it,, jsut haven't had another chance to wear it again :(. I also got a new dress last week as it was in the sale, not worn it yet either though.. need a night out so i get a chance to .:D
  • A wedding!!!
  • It was my friends 18th and we were going to the hylton hotel. I bought this gorgeous black dress, the first dress I'd worn since I was a little girl (I don't usually wear dresses for anyting!). The day before we were due to go my friends Mum recieved an email from the manager reminding her to tell all the girls to have I.D with them because the doormen would ask for it. As I was 17 and had no I.D, I couldn't go. So I returned my gorgeous dress to the shop and cried all the way home. The following week when I was talking to her, she told me that no one actually got asked for I.D anyway.
  • i cant resist a bargain alf and i knew it would suit me! :)
  • I am getting married so that was motivation enough to get myself a purdy dress! ;))
  • I don't particularly like shopping and I seldom wear dresses as because of disability cannot bend to put on tights so I get far too cold in them. However, I saw a dress I liked in a magazine which was a classic design in grey which I thought wouldn't date and I could dress up with accessories. I thought it would stand the test of time and would be useful for a situation where a dress was needed. It is grey to could be worn to a funeral or jazzed up with beads or maybe a red belt to bring it bang up to date. I only need to ensure that my husband is arround to help me put on some tights with it though!!!
  • a cocktail party
  • We were invited to four different weddings last year. I needed a dress that I could get away with at all four because I wasn't spending that much money for each wedding.
  • I was in a mall shopping that I had never been to before & of course, they had a Cache & everyone knows how much I love that store...So I went in & walked out with a dress that I still have yet to wear.
  • SALE! I had tried it on a while before, but it was £45 and i had no specific occasion coming up. a few months later i found it in the sale...£15! and the easter party was coming up! Bargain indeeeed.

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