• You may have condensation (water) in the fuel.Next time you fuel add 1 bottle of rubbing alcohol in each tank.It's cheap and it encapsulates the water and removes it from the fuel. You might also try a 1/2 cup of moth crystals(naptha)in each full tank of fuel.It will clean the injectors.DO NOT add more than 1/2 cup per full tank.Too much,can burn the injector tips.
  • If you have a pac engine brake on this truck, your jake slave pistons may be hanging up..the only way to cure this is get a rebuild kit, dissassemble jakes and file the slave bores smooth again..the groove over time and cause the jakes to stick. This will be especially evident if a tuneup or injector was recently replaced. If you don't have the experience make sure you take it to a detroit certified shop. Not everyone runs across this problem and it can cause major engine damage if not delt with properly.

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