• Get a Bi-directional map or a Bicentennial dedication sheet or see if you can find a by-cycle rider or go straight like god intended.
  • You can get a GBPS (Global Bi Positioning System)
  • amsterdam
  • So.. are you a lesbian or are you actually just bi? It's not hard to find bi girls.. there are plenty of dating sites you can go to.. hell you know they're all over myspace.. don't be ashamed of who you are..
  • Most girls are bi, some just haven't acted on it yet. I speak from experience. All you have to do is watch a little porn together and you'll have your answer. Drop hints and you'll figure out who's bi and who's not fairly quickly.
  • I am happy you found your true calling,I hold no negativity towards someones sexuality. I am straight,do you hold anything against me?I think not. To meet another girl,do what you have always done to meet new people,The old saying,"Birds of a feather,flock together" come to mind.If you feel like a woman is in your future and you feel like meeting someone with similar interests,what do you do?Would you go to a construction site and hear all the 'boys' steadily hoot and holler at you?,No you would go where women hangout,I can't tell your age,so suggesting gay/lesbian bars might not be appropriate. How did you meet anyone in your past,try that again and seek those you are attracted to.This can be tough until you find one or two who might introduce you into the gay community.Keep trying. How you came to the conclusion you feel bi isn't really the problem is it?,the need for the companionship of like people is. Look for that one who seems to feel right and approach with confidence and try,try again,till you succeed in reaching your goals. Look up,the world is changing,maybe you are the next person in that change!
  • Go to gay clubs and meet people? I'm very bi, but most people have no clue from looking at me. I'm very classic looking and don't seem the type. You'd be surprised how many are bisexual. Just live in the moment, the more hints you continue to drop and with a variety of people the faster these experiences will happen.
  • Are you hot?
  • Find a gay bar to start

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