• Every era has is prettiest woman due to differences in opinion of what is beautiful
  • In her earlier years, Elizabeth Taylor was absolutely beautiful.
  • I have 3 women in mind as the prettiest I can think of: In that order: Elizabeth Taylor Sophia Loren Gina Lollobrigida
  • Nope. Not Marilyn. Bridget Bardot. Today, Penelope Cruz.
  • no way...she looked sloppy to me. I think some of the most beautiful women include: Elizabeth Hurley Katherine Zeta Jones Kristie Brinkly Sophia Loren Lana Turner Christina Aguillera Iman Ziyi Zhang (house of flying daggers)
  • this is such a subjective question. marilyn was a beautiful woman, but the ones who have held the most allure for me are: rita hayworth catherine zeta-jones monica bellucci
  • Inside and out.
  • Marilyn Monroe was cute. Sophia Loren was beautiful. Brigitte Bardot was sexy. Vivian Leigh was decorative. Rita Hayworth was sublime. 'Was', 'was', aren't there any 'is'es?
  • Yes, she was gorgeous.
  • No, Anna Nicole Smith [RIP] was 'one' of the prettiest woman ever.
  • no...dunno, many exist who are possibly better than her...
  • Marilyn Monroe had on lots of makeup, so it's hard to tell what she really looked like but she seemed to have gorgeous features under all of that. Anna Nicole-Smith Catherine Deneueve Audrey Hepburn Christina Aguilera Ann Hathaway No particular order.
  • Nah, I mean she was pretty........but not the prettiest. Which these days..more actresses need her curves though Lauren Bacall is my fave Silver Screen, well and Both Hepburns. Now a days Anne Hathaway and Katherine Zeta Jones
  • ingrid bergman was better
  • no i don't think she was, But to as who is or was I can’t answer. All women are beautiful and we all have flaws. There is no best in my book. And then there are women how are very attractive but have ugly personally which make them appear less attractive. And then other who are not as attractive but have great personally and that makes them seem more attractive. I don’t know just my opinion.
  • I think Heidi Klum is much prettier
  • its hard to say who the prettiest ever is, there are so many pretty women and so many different types. she was pretty tho, and one of the first sex symbols as well.
  • Not I think she was a fake to say the least. To me beauty is natural and there was never anything natural about her. Who is the prettiest woman ever? No woman is the prettiest in my opinion. All woman have some great features and some bad to themselves. There are alot of pretty woman that are in the spotlight but there are also plenty that are hidden that people never see or even hear of. Those that don't even realize their beauty, makes them even more beautiful than those that crave all of the attention in this world today.
  • She was hot, but it is a BIG world. All women are beautiful in some way. Some just have it all! I am sure there are many women out there that are just as hot and hotter that you never see in magazines and on TV!
  • No doubt, she was very pretty. Sophia Loren in "was" and "is" (age 72) photos. Today ..... perhaps Heather Locklear.
  • While she was a beautiful woman, and she would make my top 10 (probably), in my opinion (which, with about $3 or $4, will get you a cup of coffee in a FEW places), the best looking women would be: Franka Potente Jennifer Love Hewitt Sarah Michelle Gellar and Monica Bellucci
  • In my eyes Carla bruni is the prettiest woman, and will have been when she's gone. Shes awsome :)
  • I think redhead Rita Hayworth was quite pretty.
  • No. I'm more of a Bernie Dexter fan.

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