• What kind of accident? I bumped into a desk corner last week, does that count? Oh, and my Grandson dropped a wine glass and broke it while he was putting the dishes away.
  • i dropped a fork. uh-oh.
  • I slipped off my chair. I was standing on it!
  • This morning I tripped over the blender cord and bumped into the wall hard enough to knock all the crystal classess off the shelf.
  • I dropped a fish shaped baking dish on the floor and it broke. Now i'm devastated, i baked my salmon cakes in that for the last 10 years.
  • I picked up my toaster, and the bottom plate came undone and all these toast crumbs fell everywhere. I was like, damn it.
  • Someone got drunk, tripped over the cats litter box and fell face first into a vase of Christmas Lillies.
  • It is always me cutting myself inadvertently..a day after we moved in here I broke my toe. The last time I actually drew blood was several months ago. The problem is lack of focus on one thing..I'm cutting/trimming veggies and my mind is on other things..not smart. When you have a knife in your hand you pay attention to what you are doing! :)
  • I am an accident every time I try to cook anything. That is why my husband does most of the cooking around here. I am kitchen challenged.
  • My cat had an accident on the floor yesterday...he is getting old...
  • I was!
  • About a month ago I was half way up the stairs when my wife said something to me that I couldn't quite hear, so I turned round to go back downstairs. As I turned I slipped and broke my little toe.
  • I slipped in the shower last weekend. My forehead bounced off the pull knob on the faucet that makes the water go from faucet to shower. I still have quite a bump and bruise. Last night a box slipped and bounced off my cheek, another bruise. This year is starting to bite as much as last year did, again with the injury crap. At least these are minor compared to last year.
  • I was running through the hall, and I tripped on the couch... how do you trip on a couch?
    • Linda Joy
      I've done it before! lol
  • Last month I did a Brody head first down the basement stairs. I was carrying 2 printers one under each arm and as I decended the first stair something caught something and I found myself going head first down the stairs. I thought to myself this is very not good and let go of both printers and they and I tumbled all the way down these heavy wood stairs. My kids watched the whole thing in horror as I crash landed on top of both printers they thought I was a goner. Savage pain, bruises everywhere, tons of knots the size of oranges, luckily I had some decent pain killers and lots of ice, All in all, I was lucky and relatively unscathed but can't say the same for the printers :(
  • once...i was holding a knife..and erm...i dropped fell VERY close to my toes... i guess im lucky... except for... see.... my radio is in three parts.... main middle...and right speaker and left speaker...all the same size...and they are on a shelf and...the chord was hanging..... see where that blue pillow is ? well there was something on the floor there and i went to get it..and got like stuck the chord..and accidentally pulled it... and first...the middle radio fell on my back...ouch... then one speaker on my back/neck... OW! and the other speaker fell on my head then i sat up (okay? gosh!) and erm...said.."ow that hurt..." then i put em back in place... no damage though i think...
  • I waited too long to go to the bathroom and messed in my pants - damn AB
  • When my wife backed my car out of our garage before opening the door then argued that it was not her fault. AW WELL?????
  • My Sister claims it was my birth! But if that's the case, how was I, according to her, adopted?!? :-)
  • I dropped a cup of tea in the bath I was taking earlier. The hole cup and everything. I hadn't even taken a sip yet. It had alot of honey in it and I think it made my skin softer, so all was good with the world. Does that count?
  • Vanilla Ice.
  • There have been none since I moved house.
  • Years ago. Fell off a ladder trying to change out them 48" fluorescent light tubes. Pitched such a fit (threatened to sue) that the landlord replaced that crap with two incandescent bulb fixtures.
  • only minor little Knicks to my fingers touch wood!!
  • Early this morning I dumped a catch all cup in the floor. But when I was adding my new meds I just got out of the mailbox to my med trays I dropped one or two in the floor on accident. I almost dumped one whole tray! And now I'm thinking you probably didn't actually mean "the last accident."

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