• Because in a lot of ways it does. I wasn't that lonely when I was around my girlfriend, and actually wanted more alone time. Now that I don't have someone to be with, I am extremely lonely. It's a sad state, but can be true.
  • They haven't yet figured out that they're in control of their own lives and emotions.
  • Because it's close to mind - when you are lonely, you are lonely because you are alone and have no one beside you and being with someone change that. Some people think that finding someone will solve all their problems which is not the case - they think that because they concentrate on their loneliness as a top priority and they think "If I find someone all other things will work better." when reality is when they find that person loneliness is gone and the next top problem pops up and brings back the reality.
  • I believe that sex will in fact temporarily cure loneliness.
  • That havent realized that have to make themselves happy, that cant rely on others to do it for them.
  • I don't know.In my case I've been in a relationship where that person made me feel more alone than I've ever felt by myself.Also I've had relationships where I didn't feel alone.I guess if it's a good relationship it does the trick.If you have spirituality you are never truly alone.
  • Because it depends on the type of lonely you are. I have a nice life, a lovely home thats all mine, fabulous friends and family and a job I can tolerate. I am lonely for someone to share it with
  • Great question, dang I love AB... Starting with the man in the mirror - You have to be content with yourself before you can be content with anyone else. If you can't make yourself happy, nobody else can!
  • The right person can cure your loneliness but so can the right attitude. Now do you rather depend on someone else to control your emotions or would you like to be in charge? To me that's the questions we all need to answer.
  • Doesn't it though? Often? I guess I wouldn't know. I've missed some people very much but I've never been lonely (whether I'm with someone or not). This means there is either something very right with me or something very wrong with me. I haven't decided which yet.
  • because they havent learned to live by themselves and be happy.
  • Being with your gf is like having a million friends.
  • It won't cure any negative feelings they have about themselves but it will cure loneliness. People are lonely because they lack meaningful conections and interactions with others. Needing other people in your life does not make you weak or unadjusted it just makes you human.
  • They forget how lonely they still are even in a crowd.
  • one word, Hollywood we have been sold a load of bull from the film companies that love is the answer to all of life's ills the truth is happy people have happy lives (no matter the circumstances) and unhappy people have unhappy lives.
  • I have been divorced for a little over 2 years now. I have a great place, a great job, car, activities - I love my life! But now that I'm approaching 40, I sure do miss having a special someone in my life to share all my joys and tears with. There's a difference between being lonely and depressed. I'm not depressed, but I am a little lonely.
  • doesn't it?
  • Yep. Also, a lot of people see being alone as some sort of a stigma. I knew a girl once who was marrying a total loser and she knew it too, in conversation one day, she admitted to that but added that "it was better to be divorced than never to have been married"
  • It's because they haven't taken responsibility for their own happiness.
  • Because people watch too many romantic movies.
  • I think it does alleviate loneliness, but it doesn't 'cure' anything... much like cool water relieves sunburn pain, but doesn't do much for the underlying condition. That's not to knock relationships, of course -- that's a huge topic on its own. It's just that if someone is driven into a relationship by loneliness, they're really just postponing the inevitable confrontation with their own inner emptiness... that emptiness will manifest itself in some new way in their life, and most likely in their relationship. You really do have to get to the root of weeds and pull the whole thing out. Just chopping off the part above ground is a temporary fix.
  • For a lot of people, being with someone does eliminate their loneliness but for others it doesn't because there are different types of loneliness. For some, finding a partner will make them feel whole but some people can get married, have kids, a great job and a lot of friends but still feel totally alone.
  • Because a lot of people believe you need to be in a relationship to feel complete. These are the main people who need to spend more time getting to know themselves and learn how to enjoy their own company.

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